The Most Annoying Things Exes Got To Keep After A Breakup

Though this can go smoothly, especially if it's mutual, dividing each other's things after a breakup can be awkward. Even in the most amicable of splits, it's more likely than not that one party will wind up with something they shouldn't. Sometimes, the thing your ex takes in a breakup is particularly annoying. I'm not talking about the heartbreaking things — the puppy, the best friend — that are taken by an ex. I'm talking about the things that, a few months later, you look around and go, "Drat. He took the waffle iron."

For example, my friend was pen-less for a while after her breakup. Somehow, her ex managed to take every single pen from the house they shared. For some time after their split, I'd be at her house, and one of us would go to find a pen — and then we'd remember that there were no pens to be found. Zero. Not even a pencil. Finally her dad bought her a slew of pens, and order was then restored. But she's not the only one who found something missing after a split. Here are nine women on the most annoying thing their exes got after a breakup.

1. Nicole, 40

"When my first husband (my second is amazing) and I were divorcing, he literally told me that I could have every item in the house if I would let him have the PC! Seemed like a fair trade to me, so I, of course, agreed."

2. Sheila, 29

"My ex wound up with my entire third season of Dawson's Creek. I mean, I don't even own a DVD player anymore, and I could find it online probably, but I bought that, and it's the best season of the series."

3. Trish, 25

"The most annoying breakup collateral I lost was my pizza stone. He doesn't even make — or like — pizza."

4. Shamyra, 31

"Someone I dated in college took our 'special' mix CDs after our breakup. Several years later, his older sister sent me a message on Facebook saying, 'I found CDs in Tom's old box that said "Myra's mix." Let's just say, I might get pregnant tonight.'" I was so embarrassed!

5. Stephanie, 38

"My ex got my Guitar Hero (a gift I never got to play), my perfume (his bitter way to get back at me, since the tickets I bought him for Christmas for a play were in my care when we broke up), and various Romero Britto placemats. Needless to say, it was not a nice breakup."

6. Cristina, 23

"A few of the items were: my book by Tucker Max that I attempted to get back three times (I take my books seriously); my overpriced college textbook I was supposed to return after renting from the school store; and my 'woobie,' a super-comfy blanket the Army issues you — he was Army also, and when he lost his, he kept mine."

7. AlliCat, 31

"She kept my crockpot, and I didn't notice until I decided to cook a roast one day."

8. Kimberly, 25

"I had an Elf on a Shelf that was given to me that I thought was incredibly creepy, so I gave it to my ex during our relationship. I'm not asking for it back and he's not offering it up. Thank gosh!"

9. Marcia, 51

"The most annoying thing was the antique wooden wine press that was in my family for generations! I was given it with the condition that it would stay in the family and he never gave it back. I was divorced in my mid 20s, and I'm still annoyed over it."

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