Rihanna's ANTIdiaRY Room 6 Video Suggests ‘ANTI’ Might Be Closer Than We Realize

Get out your magnifying glass and cryptograph, because it's high time we analyzed yet another cryptic piece to the ANTIdiaRY puzzle. In the sixth installment of the ANTIdiaRY Samsung ad campaign/ANTI promo/mystery miniseries, pop deity Rihanna walks through a crowded mirrored gallery. As she makes her way to the stage situated on the other side of the room, the gallerygoers follow closely behind. Queen RiRi takes the stage. We see her likeness projected onto the backdrop. Rihanna stares at the backdrop. The crowd stares at the "American Oxygen" singer. We stare at the crowd and Rihanna. And then, the clip ends.

Y'all. I am SWEATING right now. Why? Because six unlocked ANTIdiaRY rooms could mean we are in the homestretch. In the very first ANTIdiaRY video, Rih picks up a key marked “R8.” The obvious interpretation: “R8” means there are eight rooms in the ANTIdiaRY house, and when RiRi gets to the eighth and final room, she will unleash ANTI on the world. We really might be two "rooms" away.

Sure, there is a small, nagging voice that keeps tugging at my sleeve. The voice wants to know why I am so sure that the R8 key will unlock ANTIonce and for all. The voice keeps telling me that there's always a chance that the R8 key will just unlock another batch of rooms. An intentional misdirect. The troll to end all trolls. That same voice keeps trying to tell me to keep my excitement at bay because what if ANTIisn't waiting on the other side of the R8 door? What if ANTIis actually waiting on the other side of the R10k door? What if the ANTIdiaRY campaign lasts forever?!?!?!

I refuse to listen to that negative voice. Instead, I believe we will really will hear ANTI sooner rather than later. I believe that the final scene of "Room 6" is a hint. I believe that that “the show” (aka ANTI) is about begin.