12 Ways 'Friends' Dominated 2015, More Than A Decade After "The Last One"

It may have been more than a decade since a new episode of Friends hit airwaves, but that doesn't mean people aren't watching it. Nope, loyal longtime Friends fans — and brand new ones, thanks to Netflix and reruns — are still absolutely obsessed with one of the most iconic comedies in TV history, me included. In fact, now that it's been more than two decades since the show's premiere, it's harder to find people who won't get your Friends references than ones who will. It's like the great unifier that brings people together. We may come from different backgrounds, we may speak different languages, but who doesn't love Friends? The show's impact was especially proven in the past 12 months, because 2015 proved to be an excellent year for the NBC sitcom.

Sure, there were plenty of awesome, new comedies on TV this year, but sometimes, you just want to go back to the classics. Watching Friends is like hanging out with old friends, except these old friends are fictional... and still living in the early 2000s. No matter what year it is, catching up with Joey, Ross, Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, and Chandler is like putting on your favorite PJs at the end of a long day — comfortable, familiar, and just as good as it was the first time. Here's why Friends dominated 2015, despite airing its series finale over 10 years ago.

1. It Finally Hit Netflix

I've loved the show since I was a kid who watched with her parents in the '90s and understood exactly zero of the jokes, so my DVD collection started early. I own all 10 seasons, but Netflix just made it so I didn't have to get out of bed or off the couch to insert the next disc. And now that it's streaming, Friends has become much more accessible to younger generations.

2. Courteney Cox & Matthew Perry Dating Rumors Surfaced

In case you haven't heard this amazing rumor, there's a report that Monica and Chandler are dating IRL. How perfect would that be?! All I want for Christmas is for this rumor to come true.

3. The Truth About The Couch Was Finally Discovered

Why didn't anyone else ever sit on the couch in Central Perk? It had a reserved sign in front of it, as discovered by Bustle's Tanya Ghahremani. How did we all miss that for literally decades?

4. The Stars Continued To Dominate The News

We still care about what these people are doing, even though their show was over a long time ago. Isn't that a beautiful thing? On any given day, you can see what Lisa Kudrow is up to, and Jennifer Aniston makes the news basically every time she breathes.

5. Especially Rumors About A Possible Baby

Every time I blink, there is a brand new story claiming that Aniston is adopting/pregnant/trying to conceive. Give the lady a break! But on the bright side, at least it means she's still beloved enough that fans want to follow her milestones.

6. Cox Was Aniston's Maid Of Honor

That's right, in real life, Monica stood by Rachel's side at the altar, as according to People Cox was the maid of honor at Aniston's August wedding to Justin Theroux.

7. Phoebe Buffay Made A Reappearance

Kudrow performed "Smelly Cat" with Taylor Swift on stage as a guest during the 1989 tour, and it was the most epic moment ever.

8. The First Friends Convention Finally Happened

Of course, it happened in the U.K., but there were replicas of the set and Gunther was there. If this event happens again, I may have to book a flight.

9. Cox Wants To Make A Monica-Centric Movie... Sort Of

OK, maybe she was kidding in her interview with Yahoo!, but I would be first in line for a movie spinoff called Hanging with Monica.

10. Perry & Kudrow Reunited On Web Therapy


It was almost like watching a conversation between Chandler and Phoebe. Almost.

11. Then It Was Matt LeBlanc's Turn At The Emmys

Entertainment Tonight on YouTube

Joey and Phoebe always had a special relationship, so their red carpet meet-up may have been even more exciting.

12. Reunion Talk Is Still Happening

As recently as this year, several of the cast members have mentioned that they wouldn't hate doing a reunion. There's definitely still an interest, so can we please get this in the works?!

Chances are, the cast won't get back together for a brand new season like Full House is doing, but a girl can dream, right? And as long as the cast stays friendly, anything is possible. Maybe 2016 will be an even better year for Friends.

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