What Your Favorite Bra Says About You Because Lingerie Is Complicated

To the individuals who wear bras regularly: Have you ever wondered what your favorite bra says about you? As something of a late bloomer, I always thought there were only two kinds of bra out there: Training bras and grown ass woman bras (aka the push-up). But little did I know that there are more brassiere styles than there are colors of the rainbow.

Around the time I outgrew my tween bras, I had become majorly interested in fashion. I devoured magazines like Vogue and Elle Girl (RIP) and I discovered the array of beautiful bras the world had to offer. I then began shopping for my own pieces instead of tagging along with my mom. However, upon contemplating my own bra collection, I actually realized that the majority of my brassieres are the same type: One particular style I wear on rotation. Sure, certain occasions and styles call for certain bras to accompany them. But in day to day life, I always opt for the look I feel most comfortable in.

So I got to thinking about what my favorite bra type says about me, and what other folks' preferred styles could mean to the people who wear them as well. Here's what I've deduced.

1. Unlined Bra

If you love unlined bras that show off your bosom's natural curves, you are likely fearless when it comes to demonstrating your ta-ta appreciation. Your self-love vibes are strong, and you see no reason to hide that fact.

2. Sports Bra

You're either all about making the most of your workout without being hindered by your lady parts, or you love to look like you're serious about your fitness routine. If you wear a sports bra in everyday life underneath your clothes, I'm willing to bet you're also one for taking advantage of the perfect mixture of comfort and support.

3. Balconette Bra

A balconette bra gives off super feminine vibes and adds support to the wearer due to its extra scaffolding style structure. Balconette bras became fashionable in the 1950s in the U.S., so wearing one could lend a retro feel to your lingerie look. Wearers of balconette bras may be in touch with their feminine side and enjoy all things vintage-chic.

4. Strapless Bra

You don't like feeling hindered, so you prefer your cleavage be half supported, half free. You like to live on the edge, and don't let the fear of being uncomfortable get in the way of your adventures.

5. Stick-On Bra

You're a no-fuss kind of gal. Straps and fasteners really aren't your jam. You'd much rather get up and go, and a stick-on bra allows you to do just that. Plus, your boho tops and comfy cardigans don't really call for much else.

6. "Invisible" Strap Bra

You have a penchant for the '90s and the pop princesses whose styles were everything to you back in the day. You swear you saw greats like Britney and Christina sporting these chic invisible straps, so you feel it's your duty to preserve the spirit of their styles 15 years down the road. You know these straps aren't actually invisible, but since when did fashion have to make sense?

7. Racer Back & T-Back Bras

So you're a lingerie aficionado. You know that no outfit can be complete without the right bra, and place a lot of importance on perfectionism. From keeping your room in immaculate condition to making sure your bra straps are perfectly hidden beneath that cross-strap dress, small details go a long way.

8. Padded Bra

The beauty of all things femme is not lost on you. While you know that it's not your job to make your breasts look larger or more rounded, you just love the look of fuller cleavage. Padded bras make you feel like you're taking control over your own body and presenting your figure in exactly the way that's going to make you feel most empowered.

9. Push Up Bra

Whether you're hoping to achieve the illusion of a much larger bust, want to draw attention to a part of your body that makes you feel confident, or just love to be totally supported and in control, a push-up bra is a solid gateway to body positivity for you. You're totally happy with your natural breasts, so why hide them?

10. Lacy Bra

Utter luxury is kind of your thing. You love feeling feminine and decadent every day of the week. Plus, you want to be ready for a romantic encounter at any given moment. Life is totally like Love, Actually, right?

11. Front Fastening Bra

There's nothing like feeling ready for any and all experiences, right? Practicality is your jam. You're a hard worker and a productive babe, and you know that getting home and ripping off your bra after a long day is made all the easier when you can just unfasten it at the front in a jiffy.

12. Peek-A-Boo, Open Cup, And Bondage Bras

No matter the occasion, you like to feel just a little edgy. You're unapologetic about your sex positivity, because what is there to be ashamed over? Being fearless about experimenting — in all walks of life — is definitely a priority for you.

13. Bralette

You're really into fashion and you love the underwear as outerwear trend. However, you don't want to say goodbye to your bust support network just yet.

14. No Bra

If your favorite bra is no bra, then you have mastered the art of body positivity and you're obviously super confident in your own skin. At the end of the day, going with or without a bra is your choice and no one else's.

Who knew there was so much wisdom contained in a garment the size of a handkerchief?

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