100 Years Of New Year's Eve Fashion Shows How Much Menswear Has Changed — VIDEO

Mode has done it again with an incredibly sexy 100 years of Men's New Year's Eve style video! After you stop drooling over the hunk of a male model who embodies every era with such grace and panache and is raining abs, you'll see how amazingly intricate every era's outfit is! If only I had those stylists!

From the cravat and spats to the terrifying blue tux and wing-tipped shoes, it's clear that Mode did their historical research. But, that's no surprise considering how many popular videos they've previously produced for this series. Some of which include 100 years of lingerie, wedding dresses, toys, cocktails, and regular men's and women's fashion. This time, they partnered with the Ryan Seacrest Distinction collection to provide each spot-on look.

You can get your costume-spiration and fashion fix of any era. Men's fashion and women's fashion are colliding, so take your queues from classic menswear and pull an Annie Hall. Additionally, you can also help dress your man — because lord knows they probably need this video more than you do. Plus, why not take some tips from the partiers of the past and revive some old trends from different times? But please, for our sake, do not revive this nineties or any nineties looks. Need some help and inspiration for this New Year's Eve? Let me break it down for you.

1. 1915

This man is dapper and knows it. From the cane and top hat to the scarf and white rose (Oscar Wilde's own influence), you can see how much thought was put into presentation in men's fashion at the time. White gloves and a bowtie tied the monochromatic look together.

2. 1925

This looks fairly similar to the 1915 outfit, but is a bit more relaxed in terms of fit and accessories. A dinner jacket like this off-white one was common, but a lot of elements are similar.

3. 1935

If you've ever seen any movie with a man in a smoking jacket, you've seen this man. There's usually a pipe in that hand. The cravat — not to be confused with the ascot — is a large part of adding some flare to the outfit.

4. 1945

Not to belittle the terrors of WWII and all the men fighting in service now, but who can resist a man in uniform?

5. 1955

This is starting to look a little more familiar. In the age of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn we can definitely see Carey Grant and Jimmy Stewart wearing this super fly tux.

6. 1965

Woah, he's definitely looking a lot more groovy here. The color, combover, and huge stache are ten times more adventurous than anything else. Say what you want about the '60s, but they were a huge turning point in fashion.

7. 1975

Open a photo album of your dad in high school and you'll find this beaut. Oh, the '70s. What a gem. Please never revive this.

8. 1985

Eighties fashion had to do with a rebellious population. Fashion was becoming baggier, brighter, and more innovative. People were trying things out. Watch any John Hughes film and you will see this look at a school dance.

9. 1995

I have a hard time putting into words how terrifying this is to me. The oversized tie, the red shirt, the wide leg, and the goatee were a disastrous combination. Thankfully, here come the merciful '00s.

10. 2005

Yes, I know the vest is not much better and the hair is over-gelled. However, that being said, this is a vast improvement upon the fit and style of the New Year's Eve outfit.

11. 2015

Here we are today. Do you see some similarities? Is it not reminiscent of the '20s? The look is fitted, but classic. However, we get to play around with color a lot more today. Also, if you've learned anything from today, it's that the bowtie will never die.

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year's Eve, and here's to hoping it ends like this (in a sparkly dress)!

Watch the full video below!

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