These Are The Best Positions For Quickies

by Laken Howard

No one "kind" of sex isn't better than any other. Sometimes it can be fun to lie in bed for hours with your partner, enjoying an ultra-slow build from foreplay to intercourse. Other times, when you're in a hurry, you might find yourself wondering: What are the best positions for quickie sex?

The secret to a good quickie is intensity. The more desperate your desire to get off, the more passionate and sensual things will get. That doesn't necessarily mean the sex has to be rougher than usual, but when there's a sense of urgency, things will naturally get more aggressive than if you were just lying in bed on a lazy Sunday, leisurely easing into foreplay and intercourse.

The main difference between slower sex and a quickie is the amount of foreplay possible. If you're in a hurry, obviously there (sadly) isn't really time for a half hour of manual stimulation followed by 20 minutes of oral. For women especially, this can be seriously bad news — many need tons of foreplay to get properly aroused, so when that doesn't happen, it can make orgasming especially difficult.

Fortunately, though, female orgasm is still possible during a quickie, so long as both you and your partner are focused on mutual pleasure, even when pressed for time. For all those times when you're in a rush — maybe you're squeezing in a session during your lunch break, or making time for sneaky sex on a family vacation — here are seven positions that will help you and your partner reach orgasm in a record amount of time. Keep in mind that these positions work with two women as well.

1. Doggy Style

This position is naturally hot and heavy, because being on all fours is really carnal in nature. Your partner will enjoy how deeply they can penetrate you from behind, while you'll benefit from the ability to touch yourself while they thrust, either with your hand or a vibrator. In just a few minutes, you will be well on your way to a quickie orgasm.

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2. Standing

After some (brief) warming up, moving into this quick-and-easy position will be a breeze. This is the perfect quickie position because you don't need a bed for it — and let's face it, when you're about to have a quickie, nine times out of 10, you probably aren't anywhere near a bed to begin with. In the standing position, you can simply bend over and have your partner enter you from behind, while one of you simultaneously stimulates your clit.

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3. Reverse Sitting

Though this position can also help your partner last longer (because you control the pace), it can also be a good quickie alternative to woman-on-top. If you're in a hurry, all you have to do while sitting on your partner — in a chair or on the bed — is set a fast, intense pace, and keep it up. Facing away from your partner will up the ante, because he or she can easily access your clit and nipples by reaching around while you move up and down.

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4. Butterfly

With your partner standing at the edge of the bed and holding your pelvis up towards theirs, they can thrust even deeper than if they were lying on the bed with you. Having your legs up on their shoulders also helps give them an extra-deep angle of penetration, and they (or you) can easily reach your clitoris to help stimulate you so you can both get off in a matter of minutes. Plus, your partner can brace against the edge of the bed, giving them more stability so they can thrust faster and harder than usual.

5. The Lotus

This position is proof that super-intimate sex and quickies aren't mutually exclusive. Because you and your partner will be so tightly wrapped around each other, it'll be really easy for you both to get all the stimulation you need to get off. Your partner will have easy access to your clit, nipples, neck, and other erogenous zones. Plus, you're face-to-face, so you can boost your arousal with some sexy kissing, too.

6. X Marks The Spot

Similarly to the butterfly position, this is a great quickie position because it allows your partner to thrust deeply and powerfully, making every second count. In this position, there's even more friction, because your legs are crossed and on their shoulders. It will feel tighter for both you and your partner, and it will create added friction on your clitoris as well.

7. The Plow

Essentially, this is a quickified version of missionary. With your legs up on you partner's shoulders while they're bent back towards your chest, your partner can get deeper while setting whatever pace works to get you both off ASAP. Like traditional missionary position, you and your partner are face to face, which allows for a sense of intimacy that other positions don't have. It's a more tangled-up version of the classic position, and it's a fun and efficient way to have some quick but satisfying sex.

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