What Your Fave 'Boy Meets World' Character Means

If you were anything like me as a kid, then you probably depended on watching Boy Meets World as a way to learn vital life lessons via the vicarious exploits and adventures of Cory Matthews and his eclectic squad of family and friends. Those truly were the days; exploring love through a deep and undying crush on Shawn Hunter, discovering that fashion is all about self expression (and crimped hair and crop tops) thanks to Topanga Lawrence's eccentric ensembles and having your mind blown by the everyday philosophies of Mr Feeny (smart man).

On Boy Meets World, the main squad was totally tight but also wildly different personality wise — in real life, you might never think that these friendships could ever work, never mind stand the test of time, but they did! Here we are in 2015 and the Boy Meets World gang are still BFF's in Girl Meets World.

I still look to TV to learn a little about myself, and sometimes looking back on the shows which truly helped to shape who we are today is the best way to gain some vital insight about yourself. So, the question is: Who's your favorite character? And what does that say about you?

1. Cory Matthews

Cory might have been ever so slightly neurotic, but he also had a heart of gold and an amazing set of values and morals. If he's your favorite character, then you probably prioritize friends and family above all else, and go the extra mile in ensuring that everyone in your life is happy, healthy, and doted upon. You might also love your BFF just as much as you love your significant other, and aren't afraid to show it!

2. Topanga Lawrence

Smart, assertive and ambitious, Topanga never allowed herself to be defined by a relationship or get caught up in the beauty values that society was trying to force upon her — and you're probably no different. A quick thinker with a sharp wit, you're probably a body positive, straight talking feminist who takes no BS from anyone (bravo!). Though you're a die hard romantic, you never let your relationship change who you are or dictate what you're going to do with your life.

3. Shawn Hunter

OK, if Shawn is still your favorite then there's a very big chance that you might still be harboring a pretty major crush on the character — and that's totally fine! No judgment here. But, if your pendulum just doesn't swing that way then there's a very high chance that you're a rebel to the core with an intensely sweet heart. You're likely an incredibly emotional person who isn't afraid to show it, and who will risk all manners of heartache and danger in order to look after the ones you love. In short: You're totally fearless.

4. Eric Matthews

Struggle to wake up in the mornings? Find yourself sat at work wondering what the hell it is you're supposed to be doing with your life? And do you spend a lot of your free time enjoying brief flings with interesting love interests or watching cartoons? Eric has to be your favorite character. People may well underestimate you based on your actions, but you're actually way smarter and capable than anyone gives you credit for; you just need to find yourself some motivation to prove them all wrong!

5. Stuart Minkus

You're probably so smart that people feel ever so slightly alienated by it, which probably hurts a little bit. You desperately want to be more social but your competitive edge often gets in the way. But, don't worry, you're also probably a huge success and secretly admired by everyone who gives you confused expressions whenever you speak.

6. George Feeny

I can bet that you often find yourself as the person that all of your friends call for life advice and support, and you probably love to look after them. You're smart but modest, and a casual philosopher, casting your stoic world view on life, love and politics to whoever just happens to be shouting over into your back garden at any given time. You can also be a bit of a grumpy curmudgeon, but you totally own it.

7. Angela Moore

A practical thinker who never let her emotions dictate her actions too much, Angela instead poured her pain into her poetry. Like Angela, you're probably the most mature person in your entire squad but also the most creative; you hate to see your friends fail to meet their potential and are passionate about pushing them to the greatness that you know they can achieve if they put their all into it. But be weary of limiting your emotional scope; tell your loved ones how you feel once in a while!

8. Jack Hunter

You're beyond intelligent, but sometimes you let you friends lead you astray which leaves you in less than smart situations. You also understand the value of working hard — because working hard means that you also get to play hard. (Duh!) Though you might find it tricky to show people that you love them, your passion shines through in the attention that you give to other ventures such as the environment or local communities. You're also, like, 100 percent confident in everything that you do. Swagger that walk!

9. Rachel McGuire

Though you're a pretty positive, upbeat person, you often find the biggest, most heartbreaking tragedies in the most banal acts (did you, for instance, ever give your boyfriend's father a slice of cake right before his death? Or did you accidentally "kill" your favorite stuffed rabbit toy as a child?!) and carry the burden of them on your shoulders. Your sunny disposition means that you have a ton of friends who adore you, though (and countless people vying for your affections). Lucky you!

Though I'd like to think that Topanga is my favorite character, if I'm perfectly honest with myself, it's Shawn every time...which I'd like to think is because I'm a total sweetheart rebel rather than a 30 year old woman who still harbors a crush on that character 20 years later. Oh dear.

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