21 Resolutions For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters That Will Make The New Year Better For Everyone

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the showrunners of Game of Thrones have essentially made a New Year's resolution for 2016 by announcing that they listened to the criticism of many fans regarding Sansa's rape scene and will make changes in Season 6. But, what if the Game of Thrones characters made New Year's resolutions? Always, at some point during watching a season of Game of Thrones, I end up screaming at the TV because a character is doing something stupid or something I do not approve of. With these proposed resolutions for New Year's 2016, I am confident that some Game of Thrones characters could really turn their lives around.

Since the TV show will be continuing on with Season 6 even though the next George R. R. Martin book in the series isn't out yet, I could be spot-on with my hopes for some of my favorite characters to love (and some of my favorite characters to hate). And the actors of Westeros likely agree because back in March 2014 (almost two years ago!), Vanity Fair asked the Game of Thrones cast members to give advice to their characters. The result led to some profound and amusing insights from the actors about their Game of Thrones counterparts, as shown in the video below.

While some characters like Joffrey will never be able to listen to the person who portrays him or create a New Year's resolution again (what's the opposite of R.I.P.?), quite a few Game of Thrones characters could really benefit from heeding some advice. Here are 21 suggested New Year's resolutions that characters of Game of Thrones should consider making before New Year's Eve. (Regardless of what year they actually live in.)

Tyrion Lannister

"Stop drinking so much since I need to lead Meereen." (Actor Peter Dinklage agrees!)

Daenerys Targaryen

"Come up with a simpler way (than last time) to escape my unknown fate with the Dothraki."

Sansa Stark

"Break up with Littlefinger."

Cersei Lannister

"Spend more time with my surviving child."

Theon Greyjoy

"Fully remember my true identity."

Petyr Baelish

"Keep shady. Don't mind what they're saying about ya. Stick with it." (Advice courtesy of Littlefinger actor Aidan Gillen in his Vanity Fair interview.)

Arya Stark

"Gain my eyesight back and then get back to that Kill List."

Jorah Mormont

"Don't turn into stone."

Jaime Lannister

"Become the good guy."

Samwell Tarly

"Keep Gilly, baby Sam, and myself far, far away from what's going down at the Wall."


"Continue hoping that no one remembers that I keep the man who made me a eunuch at the bottom of a locked trunk."

Brienne of Tarth

"Stop wanting to bone Jaime."

Jon Snow

"Uh, don't be dead."


"Go back to serving the other Lannister brother — he was more fun."

Bran Stark

"Get some airtime in Season 6."

Margaery Tyrell

"Escape prison and seek some serious revenge on Cersei."


"Resurrect Jon Snow."

Ramsay Bolton

"Work on my daddy issues."



Podrick Payne

"Have more sex since I'm apparently pretty good at it."

White Walkers

"Make it damn winter already."

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO; Giphy (21)