7 Reasons Why You Should Try Bangs In 2016

With the new year around the corner, you might be feeling inspired to shake up your look. If you're ready to dive into something new but not quite sure what you want, I've got all the best reasons you should try bangs in 2016! They're fun, spunky, and easier than you think to manage once you know what you're doing.

Oh, and in case you missed it, bangs are trending hardcore right now. Bella Hadid rocked heavy fringe on the cover of Twin, Caitlyn Jenner added bangs to her look at the end of November, and Selena Gomez has seriously sexy bangs in her latest music video.

And while I'm currently rocking the bob to lob look, I have some up close and personal experience myself with fringe. When I was studying abroad in France a few years ago, the urge to look like a little French girl came over me and I wanted a bob with bold bangs a la Carla Bruni. Somedays I loved them and other days I couldn't wait for them to grow out, but I definitely don't regret the experience one bit. If you've been on the fence about them for a while, hopefully the reasons below will push you to make an appointment and take the plunge!

1. The Exposure

Bangs mean there's nothing to hide behind, and I didn't realize how much I'd used my hair as sort of an "introvert shield" to the world until I couldn't slip behind it. Bangs forced me out of my shell!

2. The New Style Hacks

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Bangs require a little styling effort to get right, but learning how to style bangs just adds to your beauty skill set.

3. The Versatility

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You can sweep your bangs to the side, clip them back, wear full frontal fringe, or even pop 'em back like Demi Lovato. The options are endless!

4. The Brow Highlighting

Alfie Goodrich/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If your brows are on fleek 24/7 and you want them to get a little more appreciation, baby bangs will frame and highlight them so that nobody will miss how fab those brows are!

5. All The Audrey Hepburn Feels

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Bangs evoke that classic Hepburn-style chicness. It's a classic that has to be recreated at least once in your life!

6. The Variety Of Styles

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If you think bangs can't work for you, think again. You can rock sideswept bangs, parted bangs, choppy bangs, straight across bangs, and baby bangs, just to name a few options. Consult with your hairstylist to find the best choice for you.

7. The Fact They Grow Out

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Trying bangs is fun and liberating and, if you don't love them, they will in fact grow out. And while that's happening, you get to play with all the cool styles for growing out bangs.

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