How To Compliment Like 'GoT's Tyrion Lannister

Have you ever felt like after you paid someone a compliment that he or she wasn't worthy of the praise? While not a healthy feeling, it's something I've experienced over the years, so I've decided that in the future, I will pay compliments like Tyrion from Game of Thrones . Tyrion Lannister may not always make the healthiest decisions concerning his own life, but the best character on the HBO series is the smartest man in Westeros (even if he's currently in Meereen) and there are many merits to following in his footsteps.

I frequently worry that my compliments are just too ... complimentary. Doubt fills my insides as I realize I've just been too damn nice to a person who doesn't respect my opinion — I mean, does that person who is obviously below my intellectual level deserve such high praise?! This is where channeling Tyrion comes in handy since he pretty much lives this pain on a daily basis. He is often mistreated — and underestimated — since he's a dwarf. Thus, Tyrion is always proving how supererior he is in the best way he knows how — with his words.

There is an art to how Peter Dinklage as Tyrion pays a compliment since it's always brimming (like his wine glass) with sass and snark. Though Tyrion very rarely offers praise, here are six ways to be more like the best Lannister when it's your turn to offer up pleasantries.

Keep It Real

Perhaps the most lovable element of Tyrion's character is how he doesn't dance around the truth. Since the rest of his family members — and the rest of the cast of Game of Thrones — are usually lying to get their way, Tyrion's blunt honesty is always appreciated. And a compliment should always come from the heart.

Insert Sarcasm

Just because your compliment is honest, doesn't mean it should be 100 percent sincere. Make sure you keep the people you are complimenting in their place by having them be unsure if you even mean the compliment at all.

Know Your Audience

Depending on your situation — and the stature of the person you are facing — you may need to appear more genuine than you feel. Tyrion understands that even his patented snark needs to be kept in check while compliment-giving in certain situations. Read the room, my friends.

Get Physical If You Need To

Sometimes you just really need to send the message home. So, if a slap is required to get the compliment into someone's thick skull, then a slap must be done.

Throw In An Insult For Good Measure

You may think sarcasm is enough to channel Tyrion while complimenting, but you'd be wrong. If your compliments are causing someone to get too confident, bring 'em down a few pegs with just a straightforward insult. The juxtaposition of compliment and insult will be downright puzzling and keep you safely in your position of being the smartest person in the room.

And Add A Dash Of Wine

You think Tyrion would deliver a compliment sober? Get liquored up before saying anything — and then you can blame the booze if someone accuses you of being nice the next day.

With these six fail-safe tips, you'll be paying compliments like Tyrion Lannister in no time — and I'll drink to that.

Images: Macall B. Polay/HBO; Giphy (5); rbdreams/Tumblr (2)