Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik Dating Rumors Reach Fever Pitch With This New Evidence — PHOTO

Rumors about the possibility of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik dating have been growing for months, ranging from photos shared by the pair, to fans spotting them together. Malik's love life has been a major topic of conversation since he split from fiancée Perrie Edwards in August 2015, with many questioning what happened between the once loved-up pair. And, with news that he's soon to release new solo music, his first since leaving One Direction, it's no surprise that the public wants to know what Malik is going to do next. So, news that he's allegedly been spending a lot of time with Taylor Swift's BFF Gigi Hadid is amazing if it's true. We even have more evidence now, in the form of Hadid wearing a soccer shirt supporting the same team that Malik supports. Coincidence? Even Malik denies it is.

I have to admit, the pair do make a super cute couple — and it's exciting collecting up all the clues that suggest that Malik and Hadid might actually be dating. After all, what modern love story would be complete without people turning into detectives on the Internet, and piecing together all the information they can find? As Gigi Hadid seems to have posted photo proof that she is in fact dating Zayn Malik, it seems like the perfect time to document the potential couple in a timeline of all the evidence to date!

Nov. 2015: Gigi Hadid And Harry Styles Have An Awkward Moment At The AMAs

Much was made of Harry Styles's supposed eye roll when he met Hadid on the red carpet (Gigi Hadid hugged all the members of One Direction apart from Styles). At the time, it was presumed that this awkward exchange was down to Hadid's BFF Taylor Swift — but maybe Hadid had started dating Zayn Malik already?

Nov. 2015: Malik And Hadid Are Spotted In West Hollywood

After they left a restaurant together, fans speculated that Hadid and Malik were on a dinner date.

Nov. 2015: They're Photographed Holding Hands In Public

Hadid and Malik definitely look like a couple when they're seen together holding hands.

Nov. 2015: They're Pictured In A Car Together

Perhaps Hadid and Malik are on a date here too?

Dec. 2015: Zayn Malik Posts The Cutest Photo On Instagram Of Him And Gigi Hadid

Malik appeared to be confirming that he is with Hadid when he posted this amazing pic to his Instagram. It's black and white and totes romantic — and it certainly looks like Hadid and Malik are a couple in the photo. Still, though, it's not official confirmation.

Dec. 2015: Gigi Hadid Is Wearing Zayn Malik's Soccer Shirt

On Friday, Hadid posted a photo to Twitter in which she is seen wearing a Bradford City shirt. They're the English Premier League soccer team that Malik supports, and it seems unlikely that Hadid would be wearing the shirt other than because she is seeing Malik. Even Malik sorta confirmed he may have been the one who gave her the shirt:

We'll have to continue to wait for official confirmation that Malik and Hadid are dating, but it's fun examining the hints each keeps dropping about their involvement. Maybe we'll see the allegedly loved up couple at a red carpet event some time soon?