These Kylo Ren Comics Inspired By 'Force Awakens' Perfectly Capture The Human Angst Bucket

OK, I know we're all supposed to be shocked and horrified by all the shenanigans Kylo Ren gets into in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but this man was basically groomed to become a giant meme. Just in case you haven't yet gotten onboard with making fun of Kylo Ren, we have a plethora of Kylo Ren comics on Tumblr, the Emo Kylo Ren Twitter, and sass leaking faster than Kylo Ren's blood after Chewie goes ham on him with the bowcaster (too soon?). Honestly, guys, I haven't had this much fun taunting a fictional angsty pissbaby since early millennium Draco Malfoy.

When you look at all the beautiful fodder that Kylo Ren leaves us with, really, the possibilities are endless. Consider the following:

  1. He throws temper tantrums that put Angela Pickles to shame.
  2. He is the human personification of the Warped Tour.
  3. He fanboys Darth Vader harder than I fangirl Taylor Swift (which, to be clear, is a lot).
  4. He is ... weirdly attractive, and we have to make fun of him to reconcile our squirmy feelings about it.

None of this, of course, would be possible without Adam Driver's ridiculously good acting and total commitment to playing a thirtysomething homicidal planet-smashing maniac with alarming believability. He has offered us this Internet canvas, and his excellent portrayal of this character only makes him all the more satisfying to mock. For your entertainment, here are a few top notch Kylo Ren comics that you can roflcopter about along with the rest of Tumblr:

The Emo Teenage Years

(Courtesy of Artist joetrohmygod/Tumblr.)

Like, let's take a hard pause to acknowledge that Kylo Ren is either 30 or right on the verge of it during Force Awakens, and still throws temper tantrums that would make your angsty adolescent self balk. (And also that he may have given up the eyeliner, but his hair is dyed AF, because that sure as sh*t doesn't run in the Skywalker family. BURNT.)

The Mean Girls x Star Wars Crossover We've All Been Waiting For

Bill Weasley: "YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US."


(Images Courtesy of Artist kelgrid/Tumblr.)

Word to the wise, Kylo: Maybe you'd have more friends if you weren't slashing all their PS2s with your crazy untamed saber. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Moment It All Went Wrong

(Courtesy of Artist rosisarton/Tumblr.)

Second only to Helga's closet shrine to Arnold in the '90s. Real talk, though, can we get Hayden Christensen on board to play the sassiest Force ghost that ever ghosted? I need to see them talk, pissbaby to pissbaby.

Leia Reminding Her Bucket Of Angst Progeny Who's Boss

(Courtesy of Artist DoodBog/Tumblr.)

After seeing the perfection that was The Force Awakens, I trust the scriptwriters of this franchise. That being said, if there is not a scene where Leia whoops Kylo Ren's ass, there will be some MAJOR consequences. (Read: me tweeting about it angrily into the void.)

I hope you enjoyed journeying with me on this beautiful rainbow of Kylo Ren rage. May the memes be with you.

Images: Courtesy of Artists