10 'The Fault In Our Stars' Tattoos For Couples That Are Unique And Meaningful

If you're in a strong, committed relationship and are into ink, the topic of matching tattoos has probably come up. While the idea sometimes gets it a bad reputation, if you take the time and effort into considering one, it can be a meaningful and romantic gesture toward your love for each other. And if you two literary lovebirds are as head over heels for each other as Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters were, then The Fault In Our Stars tattoos could be an awesome idea.

The Fault in Our Stars is one book jam-packed with themes of romance, hope, tears, and so much love it's completely overwhelming. The first time I read it I had to share it with everyone I knew, including my significant other at the time. Chances are, if you're obsessed with the novel, your partner is, too. The two of you probably say "Okay? Okay" so much that you've come up with your own meaningful word to replace with "always."

Getting a tattoo in the first place takes a lot of planning ahead and commitment, just like a relationship, so don't skip out on that process. Reread The Fault In Our Stars, chat with your partner about it, and look through these 10 meaningful and unique tattoo ideas inspired by book that has so much to say about love.

1. "Okay? Okay."

This is probably the most popular The Fault In Our Stars tattoo done, especially with the cute little bubble clouds surrounding the words. If you're thinking about getting this variation of "always" with your partner, consider all the different types of fonts, designs, and areas you could put it. Forearms, ankles, wrists — the options are endless with this lovely tattoo idea. Or, each of you could get one of the Okays.

2. Detached Quotes

John Green is great at many things, especially providing us with life changing quotes in his books. I bet it's safe to say there are a few quotes that you and your partner specifically identify with in The Fault in Our Stars. Pick your favorite, like "I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once", but break it up into two parts so that you both have a piece of it.

3. Augustus and Hazel's Favorite Books

It's one thing to both get the cover of TFiOS tattooed on you, but what if one of you got An Imperial Affliction and your partner got The Price of Dawn? You can get as creative as you'd like with what the covers would look like!

4. The Bench

Valerie Macon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

That iconic silhouette of the bench Hazel and Augustus sit on in Amsterdam would make for one incredibly adorable matching tattoo. If you'd like to keep it simple, just go for a black and white solid piece. Or, you could go colorful with a watercolor background to liven up this book scene.

5. A Cracked Egg Shell

One of my favorite parts of the book is when Hazel, Augustus, and Isaac throw eggs at Isaac's ex-girlfriend's car. It's funny, relieving, and an act of not caring for once. Maybe this idea doesn't scream romance, but it could mean a bunch of different things to you and your partner — especially since Augustus is all about creating metaphors. If you and your significant other have a wild side, or every once in a while need to let loose, let a cracked egg tattoo remind you of that and the hilariously heartbreaking part of the book.

6. Infinity Signs

Matching infinity signs definitely screams a forever-vibe, so if you're all in to get a tattoo with your partner, you're probably in this relationship for the long haul. You could attach the infinity quote from the book.

7. A Personal Venn Diagram

I'm sort of in love with this idea. Hazel draws Augustus a venn diagram the morning after they sleep together, just like the one above. Depending on your relationship, which is probably quite different from theirs, find something uniquely special or funny to you and make it into a Venn diagram, then plan a trip to a local tattoo parlor and ink it on the both of you.

8. Continuing Roller Coaster

You could work with a tattoo artist and create a continuing roller coaster so that when you and your partner put your arms side-by-side (or wherever you'd want to get your tattoo) it lines up and makes a roller coaster heading upward. How positively cute would that be?

9. Champagne Glasses

While in Amsterdam, Hazel and Augustus get to try champagne for the first time and fall in love with it. If you and your significant other enjoy champagne, or "tasting the stars", this would make a classy and heartfelt couple tattoo. Big or small, colored or a simple black outline, there are plenty of ways you could shake up this tattoo idea.

10. Your Own Constellation

I think this quote would make one amazing matching tattoo. Not only that, but you could design your own constellation together, one that doesn't connect, to go along with it. If you two love birds have so many wonderful winding thoughts about each other, I can't imagine a better TFiOS tattoo than this.

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