9 Times Maddie Ziegler Didn't Look Like Herself

Everyone’s heard of this gal by now because 2015 was a huge year for this little lady. And while she’s become quite recognizable, here are nine times Maddie Ziegler didn’t look like herself, because she’s willing to do whatever it takes to stay in character. Hair and makeup changes (even wigs) help Ziegler morph into whatever version of herself she needs to be for a particular project. But even when she looks the least like herself, it’s hard to miss those bright eyes and that smile of hers. So, in the end, you can always tell when Ziegler’s on the screen.

From music videos with Sia to an appearance on Pretty Little Liars, this girl’s done a lot of work in the entertainment world, garnering quite the resume at the ripe old age of 13. Wearing a white blonde wig in all of Sia’s videos has almost become an alter ego for her because she’s turned into quite the mini-me for the artist. Even though the hair really masks how she looks IRL, we all know it’s her under there. It’d be pretty hard to ignore those major dancing skills. There’s no hiding her talent, wig or no.

Check out nine times Ziegler’s been pretty darn unrecognizable because there’s no denying her chameleon-esque style.

1. Sia Style

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yep, that's her, believe it or not.

2. Twinning

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Then, there's that one time she looked exactly like Sia.

3. Ballerina Babe

This is Ziegler, but a little more soft than we've seen her before.

4. Baby Lion

She may have been a little grumpy, but she was still the cutest lion, ever.

5. Half & Half

This may be just a wig, but she could totally pull off this look IRL, if she wanted to.

6. Sad Face

I hardly recognize her without a beaming smile across her face.

7. Barista

I think I'd literally die if she were the one taking my coffee order.

8. Behind The Scenes

If it weren't for her major flexibility, I'd never know this was her.

9. PLL-Type Creepy

She pulled off the creepy thing really, really well.

She's definitely not afraid to go all in and commit to any role for the sake of her career.

And that's probably why 2015 was such a productive year.

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