Donovan Made The Right Choice On 'AHS: Hotel'

Man, American Horror Story: Hotel wasted absolutely no time at all shocking viewers by killing off a main character straight off the holiday break. Fans all knew there would be some serious shenanigans this episode based off last episode's ending, but I think I speak for everyone when I say none of us were truly prepared to see our beloved Donovan die on AHS: Hotel as a result of Iris and Liz's "Hotline Bling" shootout. After throwing himself in front of the Countess (who despite his heroic gesture, also took some serious bullets), he begged his mother to bring him outside, so he could peacefully die without having to join the Countess and her myriad of other lovers in the Hotel Cortez for all eternity. Iris and Liz respected his wish and dragged him to the sidewalk, where he died along with our souls. Unfortunately, since Donovan died outside, it's safe to say he won't be back. But, could Matt Bomer still return to AHS: Hotel ?

In case you need a refresher course on Hotel Cortez ghost etiquette, I can catch you up real quick. As the strange and sometimes fluid rules of the Hotel Cortez go, if you die in the hotel, you get to stick around and haunt the joint forever so long as your soul has unfinished business. The only way to ensure that you don't go that route (which might be in your best interest because honestly, Sally doesn't make staying around look too fun), you have to make sure you die outside of the hotel's crazy walls. Donovan made the right choice, even though we will all mourn the loss of his perfectly constructed face as a result.

Now, there is the slight chance that we may see Bomer again, though. Donovan may be history but we all thought that Finn Wittrock was a goner as well after Tristan was murdered. Wittrock ended up surprising us all when he returned to play a completely different character only a week or two later. It's a stretch, but maybe Bomer will return as another beautiful man this season. Let's be real, stranger things have happened.

Images: Prashant Gupta/FX