The #FreeBieber Movement Has Begun

The "Boyfriend" singer's partying days might be over but don't worry, guys — he's still a good person! At least, according to his fans he is. Justin Bieber was arrested early Thursday morning in Miami, F.L. for drag racing and a DUI after leaving a club in a rented, yellow Lamborghini. But his failed sobriety test wasn't enough to convince his fans that he's failing them as an idol.

Bieber's incredibly large and extremely present social media fans, his "Beliebers", took to their Twitter accounts upon hearing the news this morning to defend the 19-year-old singer. Clearly, there isn't anything Bieber can do to shake them even if he's shaken the law.

Bieber's been essentially running amuck for the past few weeks between egging his neighbor's house and dropping $75K in the King of Diamonds strip club, so would be it unfair to say that we're not surprised that it's come to an end this way? The singer is currently in custody while his fans rage outside promoting the hashtag "Free Bieber" and blaming the world for destroying their leader and forcing him into this life of crime.

Love is blind, after all.

Even fellow musician Questlove weighed in: