Bryce Dallas Howard Reveals How Limited Fashion Is

When we viewers watch our favorite celebrities walk down a red carpet and admire their dresses, we may not realize what exactly went into choosing their beautiful gowns. But at the 2016 Golden Globes red carpet, Bryce Dallas Howard pointed out just how limited designer fashion can be when it comes to sizes with a simple statement. Ryan Seacrest asked the Globes presenter the question you hear constantly at every red carpet: who are you wearing? And by addressing her own struggles to find a dress as a size 6, Howard reminded audiences of the many issues still present in the fashion industry.

While most celebrities answer the "who are you wearing" question by immediately naming the high-end designer who made their gown, Howard had an uncommon response for her navy sequined dress. "I picked it up at Neiman's," the actor told Seacrest, referring to the store Neiman Marcus. "I picked it up myself. I like having lots of options for a size 6, as opposed to maybe one option, so I always go to department stores." Rather than go the typical couture route, Howard went shopping for her dress on her own, because department stores offer more options in a size 6 than designers. This just shows how seriously limiting fashion, especially high-end and designer fashion, can be for many women.

It's already well known that finding designer dresses can be extremely difficult for plus-size women, which is absolutely not OK, and Howard's comments show just how far this issue extends. Size 6 is considered a "straight size," and yet the star also struggles to find a selection of designer dresses to wear. Clearly, it's time for fashion designers to create dresses in a wider array of sizes, otherwise they'll be hearing their names said less and less on red carpets every year.