The 'Bachelor' Twins Are Setting A Precedent

Ben Higgins experienced many awesome and surprising first impressions by the women vying for his heart during the premiere of The Bachelor. He was thrown a football, introduced to a pony and a unicorn (mask), and he even had a dental exam — but Ben seemed the most shocked when twins Haley and Emily Ferguson walked out of the limo — together. And that leads to the question: Has The Bachelor had twins before who competed on the show for one rose? It turns out this is a first for Bachelor Nation.

The only other known instance of twin contestants in the franchise is on the now-defunct Bachelor Pad. During the third and final season of the spin-off in 2012, 23-year-old twins Brittany and Erica Taltos competed as one contestant for the cash prize as super fans — and by the way, their occupation was listed as "students," not "twins." They left Bachelor Pad by the second episode of the season, after arguing with each other multiple times. Brittany and Erica were no strangers to reality TV at the time — they previously appeared on MTV's Jersey Shore and served as the inspiration for his "twinning" remark.

And, that makes Haley and Emily — twins who are dating one Bachelor — a first for the franchise. While their Bachelor occupation being listed as simply "twins," they are more than just that. Haley and Emily work as cocktail waitresses who model and have a lifestyle blog. But, why come on the show to compete for one love? Bachelor host Chris Harrison explained to Yahoo that Haley and Emily simply both liked Ben. "It can be problematic to date sisters, as you could imagine," Harrison said. "Luckily, they are very close and very loving and did not come on to play games. We treat them separately, and Ben dates them separately, but there are times when it is hard not to treat them as a unit."

Higgins talked about the twins when he was a guest on Live! With Kelly and Michael in early Janurary, but was adamant was able to get to know each twin separately, too. "So, they both came on [together] to go through the journey, but they're amazing women, and you look at them individually once they got there," he said during the interview. "But, I think — they came together."

So, when it comes down to the final roses, will he pick both twins, one twin, or no twin? There's a whole season to find out.

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Images: Rick Rowell (2)/ABC