What Will The 'Making A Murderer' Filmmakers Do Next? Moira Demos & Laura Ricciardi Are Mulling Over Their Options

The latest hit in the recent trend of popular true crime stories is Netflix's Making a Murderer , which many people have marathoned since its December 2015 release. The series has sparked a public discussion about Steven Avery's 2007 murder conviction. Avery has maintained his innocence since his 2005 arrest in connection with Teresa Halbach's death. With so much public attention focused on the series, some viewers are wondering what filmmakers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi will be working on next.

Well, the Making a Murderer team is still following the Avery case and the recent press surrounding it, but they said at the Television Critics Association press tour in January that they're "looking at other stories" as well. According to an interview with IndieWire, Demos and Ricciardi were film students in New York when they came across Avery's case in 2005 thanks to a New York Times article. Ricciardi was a practicing attorney before attending film school, so they had some prior knowledge of the criminal justice system before they embarked on their 10-year journey following Avery's story.

Because of the lengthy time they spent working on Making a Murderer, both filmmakers have pretty slim resumes. According to their IMDb pages, Ricciardi briefly worked as a production assistant on a documentary TV series in the early 2000s, while Demos has a few more credits to her name as an editor and electrician on various projects.

When it was first released on Netflix, it was hard to say whether Making a Murderer would return for another season — and if so, what it would be about. More recently, Netflix's chief content officer Ted Sarandos said during the TCA press tour that the streaming service will "take a look at" exploring Making a Murderer Season 2.

Another popular true crime series, the podcast Serial, recently debuted a second season. But this season follows a different case entirely from the first — a model which Making a Murderer could potentially follow. However, if Demos and Ricciardi are going to return to Making a Murderer for their next project, they could easily do another season on the Avery case by covering new developments, like Avery filing an appeal motion requesting a new trial and hiring a new lawyer. Avery hasn't finished fighting the conviction that landed him in prison.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on YouTube

All this is to say that Making a Murderer has plenty of source material it could cover in a second season. But right now, it's unclear what the filmmakers will tackle next. However, in a recent interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Ricciardi did admit that she'd love to follow the band Florence and the Machine. That certainly would not be in the same true crime vein as Making a Murderer. But if Demos and Ricciardi need a break from tragedy after following Avery's story, I for one won't hold that against them.

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