Fun Office Supplies To Make Mondays More Bearable

Most people would agree that Monday mornings suck. So to make sure the start of your week isn’t all doom and gloom, you can brighten up your Monday with cheeky office stationery and supplies.

Picture the scene: It’s Monday morning and you’ve had one helluva weekend. You went out for dinner on Friday night, promising yourself you’d just have one drink, but you wake with a foggy head on Saturday after rolling in after midnight. Saturday you spend online, trying to locate the perfect LBD for an upcoming work event. Before you know it, your BFF is calling to see if you want to go out for drinks. You agree, but say it can’t stay late. Next thing you know, it's 4 a.m. The next day you wake up and spend the rest of Sunday in a haze of Harry Potter movies and potato chips. And then boom — it's 10 p.m. and you realize you have work tomorrow. Your weekend has disappeared in the blink of an eye.

You arrive to work on Monday, mourning the loss of your weekend. You spot your adult coloring book and a pack of gnome shaped crayons on your desk. All is right with the world again. So here’s some kooky stationery to help you survive your Monday morning.

1. The Clueless Pencils

Clueless 6 Engraved Hot Pink Pencils, $8,

Let's face it, you might not be feeling like a total Betty after a busy weekend, but these Clueless inspired pencils should help to lift your spirits. The "Ugh, As if!" pencil seems especially appropriate for a bleary-eyed Monday morning!

2. The French Fry Pencil Pot

Fries Pencil Pot, $20,

You want fries with that? Well, unfortunately french fries aren't considered breakfast food (although they totally should be,) so you're going to have to look longingly at these faux fries until lunch time rolls along.

3. The Unicorn Tape Dispenser

Unicorn Tape Dispenser, $17.50,

A unicorn tape dispenser (complete with rainbow tape) is sure to make your Monday a little more magical.

4. The Brief Notes

Brief Notes, $6.25,

Have a giggle with these comedic underwear inspired sticky notes. Give your colleagues a little laugh too by leaving them a brief note on their desk.

5. The Funny Folder Set

Ban.Do Got It Sorted File Folder Set, $21,

These pretty yet honest folders will help you get the message across when your work friend won't stop talking about how hilarious their cat is. Just politely point to the folder and smile.

6. The Dating Journal

Paperchase Valentines Dating Journal, $10.50,

It's the journal we've always wanted! Keep track of your previous dates to remind you who was lovely and who was an asshole. The mind is fickle, but pen and paper are not, so write your dates down when they're fresh in your mind, so you know who not to text when you fancy a booty call.

7. The Scented Pens

Scented Coloring Markers Set, $6,

Be transported back to your school days with a set of scented markers.

8. The Naughty Pencil Case

Happy Jackson Naughty Pencil Case, $12,

Show your colleagues you're a real hoot with a novelty pencil case.

9. The Emoji Sticker Set

Emoji Sticker Sheet Set, $12,

Sometimes only an emoji can describe exactly how you're feeling. Keep a sheet of these near you at all times, in case you've had enough and can only communicate via pictures.

10. The Junk Food Eraser Set

Fast Food Puzzle Eraser Set, $8,

These teeny tiny junk food erasers are sure to make you smile, even on the worst of Mondays.

11. The Desktop Party Pack

Desktop Party Pack, $13,

Bring joy to your office by decorating your colleague's desk for their birthday, or remind everyone that it's your own birthday with this fun party pack.

12. The Maki Tack Set

Maki Tack Set, $8,

Surprisingly chic, this maki tack set is for sophisticated foodies.

13. The WTF Notepad

WTF Am I Doing Notepad, $10.50,

WTF are you doing? It's Monday morning, and you need to get your act together pronto!

14. The Dalmatian Stapler

Dalmatian Stapler, $24,

As someone with a freakish love of stationery and desk accessories, my life was feeling incomplete. That was until I discovered this rad dalmatian stapler. I mean, have you ever seen such a majestic creature lounging atop a stapler as if it were a chaise longue? I didn't think so.

15. The Swear-y Pen Jar

Hand Painted Jar Pen Storage Funny Mature, $12.54,

Some days you feel like having a good old fashioned swearing session. To ensure you don't break any rules at your place of work, whenever you're having one of those moments, you can look at this jar and visualize yourself saying it instead.

16. The Gnome Crayons

Gnome Crayon Set, $10,

If things get too much for you, take your gnome crayons and your adult coloring book with you to a quiet place and enjoy a therapeutic break.

17. The Library Kit

DIY Library Kit, $16,

This incredible DIY library kit includes all you need to set up your own personal lending library. In this day and age, I believe this to be a necessity. You can now avoid any awkward lending situations with an efficient and practical library kit.

Make Monday your favorite day of the week with quirky stationery with a fun twist.

Images: Courtesy Brands