Make Your Period More Enjoyable With These Clothes

Let's face it: No matter how much glitter we throw at menstruating, we can't hide the fact that it's not usually the most pleasant time of the month. In order to make your period a little less annoying, you might want to invest in some clothes for your period. There's nothing shameful or gross about Aunt Flow, of course, despite the fact that most of us are taught otherwise from the moment we get our first period to the time when we start menopause. But that doesn't make them... particularly enjoyable.

While you should never, ever feel ashamed of your period, it's OK to admit that they usually aren't a bed of roses. Most of us are pros at getting on with our lives and going about the day-to-day despite cramps and pains. But I think it's important to take little measures that will make things more comfortable along the way. Be it underwear specifically designed to act as a makeshift pad, or ones designed with a pocket in them for tampon storage, there are clever clothing items out there that will make this week a little more fun. Here are some of my favorites, because someone really should've told us about the wonders of boxer shorts a couple of decades ago.

1. The Period Thong

Thong, $24,

If you'd asked me 10 years ago whether or not I would wear a thong during my period, I would have rolled around laughing. But as time and technology have progressed, you can now actually get a period thong that offers protection during your lighter days. How genius is that?

It comes in nude or black and it's available in sizes XS to 3XL. Thinx does a whole range of panties to suit your different flows. Sarah Burton tried Thinx period panties for BuzzFeed and she gave the Hiphugger style the thumbs up.

2. The Pocket Panties

Women High Waist Cotton Menstrual Leakproof Pocket Panties, $7.75,

Have you ever had one of those mortifying moments when you visited the bathroom and realized you didn't pack any sanitary items, so you had to ask a colleague for one — or worse, put scratchy toilet paper in your pants until you could run to the store? These awesome panties come with a pocket at the front so you can keep a sanitary item of your choice with you at all times. Periods aren't embarrassing, but social interactions about them often are.

3. The Pelvic Pad

EndoFEMM Pelvic Heating Pad W/Built-In Velcro Straps, $34.99,

This pretty pad can be worn around your person to give you some much-needed pelvic pain relief. Just pop it in the microwave, wrap it around your body once it's warm, and go!

4. The Period Pants & Menstrual Cup Kit

DivaCup Kit With Lunapanties, $129.96,

Eco gals are sure to love this kit that comes with three pairs of TERRA Lunapanties — which are made from organic cotton and boast a leak proof lining — plus a reusable silicone DivaCup. Wear these together to help your next period go without a hitch.

5. The Womb Wrap

CW Bamboo Fleecy Grey Womb Wrap, $36,

This fantastic invention helps to keep you warm and "hold your kidney and stomach area," according to the site. It's made from natural bamboo and has a pocket at the back for a hot water bottle, in case you suffer from back pain. This design only comes in sizes 6 to 12, but you can choose a different design to be made to your measurements.

6. The Boxer Shorts

Women's Boxer Shorts, $38.00 to $67.50,

These cool boxers will work wonders when you're surfing the crimson wave. With their special ceramic-infused Welltex fabric they "provide soothing warmth that may relieve groin and hip discomfort," which sounds awesome to me! They're available in sizes S through XXXL.

7. The Heated Leggings

Maikun Women's Winter Black Fleece Electronic-Heating Leggings, $39.99,

These leggings come fitted with an electronic heating device that has a USB port and can be connected to a Pocket Pal. A lazy day in a pair of heated leggings is totes period goals.

Basically, your period needn't be your least favorite time of the month — especially not in this gear.

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Images: Courtesy Brands