Chrissy Teigen's Keeping It Real About Pregnancy

by Maitri Suhas

Chrissy Teigen is a national treasure, and as a bonus, she's pregnant, which means she is going to give birth to another national treasure. The model and chef and all-around laugh riot (and, oh yeah, John Legend's wife) has had one of the least annoying celebrity pregnancies the world may ever witness. Not saying that celebrities having babies is annoying, because I love a cute celeb tot who's 10 times better-dressed than me, but Chrissy Teigen's baby journey has been exceptionally real and relatable.

The 30-year-old's Twitter account is one of the funniest on my feed, famous or not, and she's using it and her other social media platforms to share her experience being pregnant. And it's not all healthy eating tips and fancy designer maternity wear; Teigen is also talking about how much pregnancy is a difficult and wild, but rewarding ride.

When she and Legend announced they were finally expecting back in October, Teigen was overjoyed, saying that they had been trying for quite some time. And who wouldn't be excited for one of the most enviable and totally in-love couples out there to raise (a very lucky) child? Teigen posts adorable photos and sweet musings about her future offspring, but she's also talking about pregnancy cravings and her worries about parenting. And she really, really loves food, so Teigen is both pregnant and eating good.

Here are 13 times Teigen kept it real about her pregnancy.

1. When She Shared This Take On Nannies


2. When She Gets Excited About Her Wild Body Changes

Teigen isn't shy about the changes that her body is going through. She posted an Instagram of her "new thighs" and, staying true to herself, she's always candid about how her body is changing in weird and wonderful ways. But she seems to be embracing it. She posted a Snapchat on Wednesday proudly proclaiming, "My belly is bigger than my butt!" and then you see Legend's (I assume) mischievous hand pinch her butt. Simple, but heartwarming.

3. When She Told The Baby To Go Away

No, not the one that's growing inside of her, but this baby who has become infamous on the Internet for looking suspiciously like John Legend. Which the baby certainly does, but Teigen is pretty damn tired of people tweeting adn sending her pictures of him. Go away, baby!

4. When She Shares Her Strange Pregnant Activities

This is a Google search I would do too, and I am nowhere near pregnant. I like a girl up in the wee hours wondering how long elephants carry babies in comparison to humans. It's stuff you wanna know!

5. When She Worried About Being An Annoying Mom

Oh my god... it's so true.

6. When She Got Serious Cravings

Maybe after she and Legend have their baby they can fund the research necessary to develop Smell-o-Vision.

7. When She Hit Her Haters With The Facts

First of all, Legend and Teigen are married, but even if they weren't, who cares? Also, amazing manicure (and bling ring).

8. When She Posts The Cutest Belly Photos

Teigen in this bathing suit makes me wanna cry, it's so cute. She also has plenty of more casual photos of her baby bump on her Instagram, many of them featuring food she's eating and/or one of her many adorable little dogs, who will be the most adorable baby welcoming party ever.

9. When She Shares Her Progress With Her Bump

Obviously, she is enjoying being pregnant, but it is freaky when your stomach blows up because there's an alien inside you!

10. When She Steps Out In Style

Teigen is still a celebrity, no matter how relatable she is. She likes to flaunt it sometimes, and who wouldn't when they look so cute and casual in maternity wear?

11. When She Wasn't Here For Food/Body/Cereal Policing

Celebrities always get haters in the comments, and since Teigen is so active and outspoken, she probably gets more than your average bear. And now that's she pregnant, people are taking the opportunity to be rude and condescending about her pregnancy, which she will absolutely not put up with. After posting a sweet Snapchat of a bowl of delicious Cap'n Crunch mixed with Fruity Pebbles (highly recommended pairing), someone told her "not to feed her baby that dyed crap." To which Teigen responded: It's none of your damn business.

12. When She Said "Get Out Of My Uterus"

After the Lip Sync Battle host posted a photo of her baby bump, some fans decided they knew better than her whether she was having one baby or twins. Because strangers deciphering a selfie are more knowledgeable than the actual woman with the child growing inside of her. And even though Teigen is happy to share her experiences, that doesn't mean she wants this invasive commentary from the peanut gallery.

13. When She Wasn't Shy About Her Weird Nipples

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While co-hosting the talk show FABLife, Teigen talked about her breasts and their wild journey through this baby-making experience. In a segment about bras, Teigen said of one, "That’s like a nipple cover for me right now by the way. My nipples are all sorts of weird."

Damn, pregnancy is weird. And on't you forget it — not that Chrissy Teigen will let you.