79 Photos Of Individuals Celebrating No Thigh Gaps

by Alysse Dalessandro

Even with heaps of snow outside my window at the moment, I am still dreaming of bikinis, beaches, and, of course, celebrating no thigh gaps. While summer may seem like a more obvious time to applaud inseparable thighs, I consider January and the release of GabiFresh's line for SwimSexy to be the official start of fatkini season.

Like a lot of my fellow fat babes, I can't remember a time when I actually had a thigh gap. Even when I wore a size 6 for a brief period of time during high school, my thighs still touched. I actually recall looking at myself in the mirror and crying because my stems were, in my eyes, larger in proportion to the rest of my body. These days, I'm a size 22/24. But when I look in the mirror, I am utterly happy with what I see. My thighs touch, and that's perfectly OK. In fact, my thighs represent my strength.

With fatkini season just getting started, I didn't want anyone to spend another year wishing that they could change their body in the way I used to. And I can't help but think that seeing more relatable imagery in our media will help humans believe that they are beautiful, too. I reached out to folks on social media who wanted to celebrate their chunky legs right along with me, so here is an ode to the many individuals who preach "no thigh gap, no problem!"

1. @everythingcurvyandchic

Everything Curvy And Chic has been a go-to inspirational plus size fashion blogger for me for years. So it's no surprise that Chanté, the woman behind the blog, is proud to celebrate her no thigh gap. She was actually featured in an amazing swimwear ad for Target last summer.

2. @cherry_dlish

Plus size model Cherry D'Lish tells me, "Never has been, never will be a thigh gap and I am completely happy with that."

3. @itsmeliciouss

"Mermaids don't have thigh gaps either," says plus blogger Melissa.

4. @smokintofu

And these thighs are glorious, indeed.

5. @kellyblade

The caption, "Sun's out, chub's out," is my new fatkini season motto.

6. @songfromabox

This image celebrates the lack of a thigh gap and visible scars so unapologetically. I couldn't love it more.

7. @leighgion_of_doom

Thighs and fries equal the perfect combination.

8. @RachelTheC

I'm forever sweet on summer no thigh gap looks.

9. @mixedfatchick

I'm living for this no thigh gap mirror selfie from plus size blogger and fat activist Pia Schiavo-Campo of Chronicles Of A Mixed Fat Chick.

10. @margotmeanie, @katanafatale, & @kobi_Jae

Considering so many plus bloggers and models build virtual-only relationships with one another, this photo of Canadian-based Margot Meanie, Katana Fatale repping Portland, and resident Aussie Horror Kitsch Bitch, Kobi, was a no thigh gap overload moment. They dubbed themselves #chubrubhottubclub, which feels very accurately awesome.

11. @aprilraquel92

Plus model April Raquel shared this image and writes, "No gaps between these thighs! They love each other so much they can't stop touching each other!"

12. @AlastorPhoenix

Writer and activist Lola Phoenix is looking magical!

13. @formallylw

"Never known a thigh gap. Have a feeling I never will," was the caption I received with this adorable image.

14. @curvychrisandra

Plus model Chrisandra Wells is sharing her no thigh gap photo just in time for Valentine's Day.

15. @vanrubyroxx

Ruby Roxx, a plus size model, shares her no thigh gap love while rocking some thigh-highs.

16. @kittyramblesalot

Plus size blogger and fashion photographer Kitty Wood tells me, "Thigh gap, smigh gap! My legs are strong and powerful and have carried me thousands of miles and on so many adventures. Plus my cats love my chubby thighs for curling up on!”

17. @somewhere_under_the_rainbow

Wear Your Voice Magazine writer Rachel Otis shared a few no thigh gap images with me, and it was nearly impossible to pick just one. But I really can never resist a badass beach selfie.

18. @fat___fashion

Jessica of Proud Mary Fashion definitely knows how to style the heck out of a no thigh gap look, and the photo she picked was one of my recent faves, too. Let's say hi to her thunder thighs, as per her request.

19. @IvoryJinelle

Pool-side style inspo is one thing I can always count on from Cali-based fashion blogger Ivory Jinelle.

20. @flossylox

"Baewatch" is so right for this image of Aussie plus model Rhiannon Hennessy.

21. @mmbetty8

Melanie shared this boudoir image with a caption that read, "This photo is put on here to inspire others to just be comfortable with who you are. I'm no size 6, I am a comfortable size 16-18 and I am perfectly OK with that. Celebrate you for you, don't let others defy who you are or what you look like."

22. @caterinamoda

Plus model Caterina Moda proves why leggings are always pants.

23. @aria1788

I am also adding "thighs as big as my dreams" to my list of life mottos.

24. @roseybeeme

I'm loving the story and message behind this no thigh gap photo.

25. @themuffinbutton

This adorable selfie of Courtney brings me right back to my childhood obsession with The Little Mermaid.

26. @dammitslade

Slade Vegas shared this image and says, "Chub rub club," which, as most of the babes on this list will know, is a loving side effect of the no thigh gap.

27. @psitsfashion

OG plus size fashion blogger Liz Black of P.S. It's Fashion shared a few images with me and says, "Literally any photo of me could be a no-gap photo since I've never had one." Ditto.

28. @CharlotteBHC

I literally love fat babes rocking overalls so these images of UK fatshion blogger and designer Charlotte of Black Hearts Creatives were some serious inspo.

29. @themilitantbaker

Jes Baker of The Militant Baker is an activist and author of Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls. She sent me some images along with a message that says, "I love the concept of looking at a million no thigh gaps! I've developed overlapping crotch thighs over the last few years (something I see people making fun of A LOT) so I started documenting it here and there. Wanted to pass them along." Baker, for the win!

30. @SecretPSGoddess

Blogger Tanya of Secret Plus Goddess shared this lingerie-clad no thigh gap image and I couldn't help but wonder where she got those awesome knickers.

31. @holleynoel1224

You gotta love a Halloween-themed no thigh gap selfie!

32. @murderofgoths

Plus size fashion illustrator Kathryn Mallow of Murder Of Goths also shared a fun, holiday-themed no thigh gap selfie.

33. @georginalouisa

Fellow Bustle fashion and beauty writer and dreamboat Georgina Jones shared how glamorous no thigh gaps can really be.

34. @sarahtaylorsjourney

The reigning Miss Plus Canada Sarah Taylor shared an image that features the caption, "Learning to embrace the skin you're in is almost as refreshing as being in the ocean escaping the hot Cuban sun briefly." Loving yourself is the ultimate act of freedom.

35. @sassyplusstef

Stefanie Augusteijn, owner of SexyPlus, shared this image that encourages folks to change the way they view a "beach body." Your body is ready for the beach as it is!

36. @flightofthefatgirl

Before sharing her own image, Augusteijn told me that she wanted to nominate someone else — specifically, Cynthia of Flight Of The Fat Girl. How incredibly sweet. Cynthia said this was the image she would've picked, too. Great minds think alike.

37. @curvaceouslybee

This image of plus size fashion blogger Bianca Gale of Curvaceously Bee is just so damn chic.

38. @danger_raegun

Badass plus model Alexa Danger shared this image and says, "I crush skulls with my thighs.”

39. @curvesncurlsuk

What a perfect #NoThighGapNoProblem selfie from plus blogger Hayley of Curves & Curls.

40. @courtneynoelleinc

Designer Courtney Noelle shared this image with me and in response to my request for no thigh gap images, she says, "You need baby no thigh gap pics? Lol my thighs have been in a heavily committed relationship for 20+ years."

41. @noella_deville

Burlesque performer Noella Deville shows why her no thigh gap is a performance asset.

42. @catinspired

Blogger Cat Inspired is showing off some vintage-themed no thigh gap goodness in these acid wash jean shorts.

43. @curvily

Blogger Sarah Chiwaya of Curvily is sporting a watermelon print bikini from Rue107 in this gorgeous selfie.

44. @barretoleyva

Plus model Jennifer Barreto-Leyva shares a Bowie-tribute image that also happens to showcase her no thigh gap gloriously.

45. @curvesbecomeher

Plus blogger Aarti Olivia Dubey of Curves Become Her tells me this was just the second time ever that she showed her no thigh gap, and I think one part of her caption is particularly poignant: "I don't Photoshop my body for a very simple reason: I keep it real. Having fleshy arms, a striped belly, and dimpled thick thighs does not mean my body is not bikini ready." I second that.

46. @saucyewest

Model Saucye West's caption has a similar, awesome sentiment: "While you stress over getting a beach body I'm on the beach with my body."

47. @sarahsapora

Between these thigh-high boots and short shorts, I am getting all of the fat girl fashion feels from this look from Sarah Plus Life.

48. @mz_kristen_

Full disclosure, I took this photo and Kristen is my best friend, but she's also a total no thigh gap babe.

49. @femmina

This is a two-for-one no thigh gap photo special that I support very much. She writes, "No gaps in these thighs."

50. @bessiepledger

Another gorgeous no thigh gap close-up came courtesy of blogger Bessie Pledger. Along with sending the photo to me, she says, “So much love for my thick thighs."

51. @esmepuke

I'm very into the all caps "fat girl in hot pants" caption here with this badass no thigh gap image.

52. @Indiefox_x

Tattoos and no thigh gap are the dream combo from alt model Indie Fox.

53. @lovelyinla

This boardwalk bikini selfie from plus blogger Rachel of Lovely In LA is pretty damn lovely.

54. @daisyhollands

You can never go wrong with a lingerie no thigh gap selfie. Go Daisy!

55. @lovesickbritteny

This polka dot romper and the babe wearing it really are perfect.

56. @brittness389

Plus size YouTuber Brittney has a bold sense of style and an insanely infectious smile.

57. @curvesonabudget13

Blogger Nicole Simone of Curves On A Budget shared this flawless image and I am really digging the glamorous vibes.

58. @SunnyLACA

Four perfect no thigh gap selfies just for me? Caris has it going on for sure.

59. @curvykatpsm

Plus model Kat Stroud shared this image with the powerful caption, "In a society that profits from our self-doubt, choosing to love oneself is an act of rebellion."

60. @ikiwn

Not only is Zoë of UK fatshion blog I Knew I Was Next a total babe in this matching floral set, but I can't help but think that pillow in the background sends an important message about no thigh gaps. AMIRITE?

61. @cassieleedonahue

Plus model Cassie Lee shared this lingerie image with the important caption, "Ladies, if you're built like me god bless you 💯, love your thick thighs, your belly, your cellulite, and stretch marks, and just because society says it's not pretty doesn't mean you have to believe their way of thinking."

62. @ohmydorothy

Sam Rowswell of FattyBoomTatty shows why blue tresses and a no thigh gap make for a damn good runway show.

63. @fatforestnymph

Kristen's favorite no thigh gap photos happened to be ones in which she was swimming; and as someone who also loves to swim, I support this fully.

64. @rubinamamelons

Burlesque performer Rubina Mamelons shines in sequins.

65. @wannabeprincessuk

Another no thigh gap image proving that sequins are always a good choice, courtesy of Debz of Wanna Be Princess.

66. @megmodels

Model Megan Kimberling is in her no thigh gap glory in this rooftop lingerie shot.

67. @CaptWordbeard

Lor shared his no thigh gap image with me on Twitter and all I could think was total swoon!

68. @toodalookatie

Plus blogger Toodaloo Katie shared this tattooed no thigh gap dressing room selfie and I am loving it.

69. @vnessada1nonlii

Model Vanessa Mays shows off her no thigh gap and smize in high fashion eleganza.

70. @thecurvynista

Sneaker-enthusiast and plus blogger The Curvynista highlights the very chic ways she incorporates her no thigh gap into her sporty style.

71. @jessica_kane

At the helm of Society Plus is Jessica Kane who shares her personal style on her blog as well. The expression on her face makes me want to wear a pair of jeggings right now.

72. @amadoradesignsjewels

There's just a peak of thigh here, but I am loving the confidence that Amadora is sharing.

73. @katanafatale

Plus model Katana Fatale was already featured with the #chubrubhottubclub gang, but her own lingerie-clad selfie is pretty epic, too.

74. @girthakitt

I am really loving the imagery and styling of this bedside selfie from Rachel.

75. @sarasmiles124

Sara Maria shared this image with me, and at first I wondered why I couldn't see her thighs. I then read what she wrote in her caption, and totally got it: "When I posted this shot, I was very nervous because I tend to not show my body in photos, but this was such a beautiful moment with my mom that I chose not to focus on my thick arms and fuller back and waist. I am who I am and have great people in my life who love me 'flaws' and all.”

76. @manfattan

Plus blogger Beth Delude of The Manfattan shows off her sexy pumps with a perfect no thigh gap.

77. @KittyUnderhillx

In-betweenie plus model Kitty Underhill was the first person to send me her no thigh gap photo. With this image starting things off, I knew it was going to be good.

78. @nicole_bette

Between sunshine, palm trees, and a no thigh gap in all its glory, this shot from Nicole Bette is truly lovely.

79. @voluptwo

And finally, this image of plus size fashion trailblazer, model, and photographer Velvet D'Amour is the perfect way to end a celebration of no thigh gap babes.

With fatkini season basically here, there truly is no better time to let our intertwined thighs roam free.

Image: everythingcurvyandchic/Instagram