The 'Most Stylish Fictional Couples Of The '90s

Whether you loved them or not, the most loved fictional couples from the ‘90s certainly had style. As someone who grew up loving and watching these TV shows and movies, I learned that a good onscreen couple needs the right amount of chemistry as well as perfect costumes. It doesn’t mean that fashion for these famous duos meant that they walked out in couture everyday (although Carrie Bradshaw would disagree), but it’s more like they accurately represented the decade’s trends and style.

Much like the fashionable celebrity couples of the ‘90s, the following onscreen sweethearts had their fair share of ups and downs. However, one thing that never failed is their ability to look good in front of the camera and even inspire the viewers to dress like them. At some point, we all looked at something that a character wore on one of these shows or movies and thought, “I could wear that, too.”

From the designer duds worn by Sex and the City ’s Carrie and Cher Horowitz in Clueless , to Ross and Rachel’s perfectly preppy wardrobe, to Angela Chase’s geek-chic style, these onscreen couples got ‘90s fashion so right that their influence can still be seen on the runways and in street snaps today. Here are the 11 TV and film duos that deserve two thumbs up for their coordinated style.

11. Romeo & Juliet

The star-crossed lovers received a post-modern makeover in the 1996 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.

10. Buffy & Angel

These two were more focused on kicking vampire butt instead of shopping at the mall, but they still looked good doing it.

9. Cory & Topanga

From their matching denim, to Topanga's scrunchie, to that innocent embrace, everything about this is middle school throwback perfection.

8. Mulder & Scully

Solving supernatural mysteries came easy for this stylishly power-suited duo.

7. Felicity & Ben

The college drama revolved around her complicated relationships, but it was also like a J. Crew and L.L. Bean ad come to life.

6. Zack & Kelly

Bayside High's sweethearts repped SoCal beach style.

5. Brenda & Dylan

Meanwhile, 90210's resident lovebirds rebelled against Rodeo Drive trends.

4. Angela & Jordan

The poster couple for hipster style.

3. Cher & Josh

Cher's entire wardrobe in Clueless totally made up for Josh's complete disinterest in fashion.

2. Ross & Rachel

Hello, Normcore.

1. Carrie & Mr. Big

Most fashionable '90s onscreen couple? Abso-fuckin'-lutely.

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