How To Stream 'Kiss The Girls' & See If Brendan Dassey's Confession Matches Up As He Alleges

While Netflix's docuseries Making A Murderer maintains its presence in viewers' minds, many people have been speculating about and pulling apart all of the details of Brendan Dassey's March 2006 murder confession, which he later recanted during his April 2007 trial. Dassey described a pretty horrifying and shockingly detailed portrait of the alleged final moments of Teresa Halbach's life, and it factored heavily into his eventual conviction for her murder, even though Dassey maintains his innocence to this day. In his original confession, as seen in the docuseries, Dassey claimed that he and Steven Avery (also convicted of Halbach's murder) cut Halbach's hair, raped her, stabbed her, shot her, and then eventually burned her body. As seen in the documentary, once on the stand during his 2007 trial, Dassey was asked how he was able to come up with some a detailed story if he really didn't do any of those things, as he later claimed. Dassey responded by saying he read those things in the book Kiss The Girls by James Patterson. That novel was later made into a movie, and if you are curious if it matches up with Dassey's confession, you can watch the Kiss The Girls movie online.

The movie follows the investigation into a series of kidnappings and serial murders committed by a killer who calls himself Casanova. [Warning: Graphic details of sexual violence ahead.] Casanova essentially would bind girls, rape them, and murder them if they dared to break their subservience. Sound familiar? It's pretty close to what Dassey claimed he and Avery did to Teresa Halbach. In the movie version, there is also mention of cutting the women's hair as punishment which also aligns with Dassey's confession, though, ss Reddit user IM_CASTER_TROY points out, this detail is "only in the movie" and not in the novel.

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Since I know that many Making a Murderer viewers are probably curious to see where Dassey allegedly got his confession inspiration from, here are the places you can check the film out now.

Check It Out On Epix


Kiss The Girls is available to stream on Epix. You would have to check with your specific cable provider to see how much subscribing to Epix will run you, but you can watch the flick for free once you subscribe.

Rent It On iTunes


Head on over to iTunes to rent Kiss The Girls for $2.99, or you can buy it outright for $9.99.

Get It On Google Play


Google play will let you rent Kiss The Girls for $2.99. If you decide you want it to be in your life forever, you can buy it for $9.99.

Head On Over To Hulu


You can watch Kiss The Girls on Hulu. If you don't have a subscription yet, you can watch it during a week long free trial period that the site offers. After the free trial, you have to pay $7.99 a month unless you cancel. But, the moral of the story is that you can watch it for free if you really want to check it out against Dassey's story.

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