Eva Longoria & America Ferrera's Explanation Of Their Golden Globes Joke Will Make You Love It Even More

Now that the nominations have been officially announced, it's easy to get swept up in all of the Oscar buzz. But honestly, I'm still not over Eva Longoria and America Ferrera's amazing Golden Globes moment. While most of Ricky Gervais' jokes were distasteful (to say the least), these ladies hit the nail on the head when highlighting how ridiculous it is that people continue to mix up Latinas in Hollywood — a poignant dig at how the Golden Globes Twitter account mixed up Ferrera and Gina Rodriguez just last month. During separate panels at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, Longoria and Ferrera shared where the joke came from. And guess what? It was their own idea, since their original Globes script was "terrible." The fact that they came up with it themselves is not too surprising, but it does make it all the more applaudable.

During a panel promoting her new show Telenovela , Longoria said, "When we found out we were presenting together at the Golden Globes… they always send you copy and it's always terrible — bad jokes. We both took it back to both of our writing staffs." This in itself is awesome, since it shows they wouldn't settle for subpar jokes.

As for Ferrera, who now stars on NBC's Superstore , she explained that the show's writer Justin Spitzer actually helped with the brainstorming. According to Entertainment Weekly, Ferrera told the audience,

Well, actually, Justin and I were throwing ideas around. I went to Justin and said, "What's going to be funny here?" We went back and forth with it, and then Justin came up with the idea to play on what happened.

Although Ferrera credited Spitzer, he was quick to say he was only a small part of it. Acknowledging Ferrera's brilliance, he said, "She’s very modest." Longoria was totally on board with how it all went down. The former Desperate Housewives star said,

It wasn't until the day of that she sent me copy that they had written, and it was so funny! I'm always called Eva Mendes, and then when that happened at the Hollywood Foreign Press with her being called Gina Rodriguez, we just thought it would be funny.

Longoria couldn't be more right — it was funny and arguably one of the best moments of the entire award show.

Props to these women for having a sense of humor while also raising such an important point. Since I'm totally over Gervais' tasteless jokes, these two have my vote to host next year's show. Can someone please make that happen?