11 Reasons A Nick Viall 'Bachelor' Season Would Have Been Better, Sorry Ben Higgins Fans

I know we are far past weighing in on who think the best Bachelor candidate is, but I am still thinking about it. And, I am on the Nick Viall should be The Bachelor train. I can’t help it. He’s had two seasons to win me over and I am convinced that he would be the best person for the job. Nick should find someone who isn’t going to reject him at the last minute and to do that he needs 25 different women to choose from, obviously. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t like Ben as the Bachelor because I do. I think he’s a sweet guy. I also think he’s my age and lives in a big city where he doesn't have to settle down anytime soon, but that’s another conversation. For now, let’s focus on Nick and how he would have made a great Bachelor. (Season 21, anyone?)

Viewers first met Nick Viall on Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette season. It seemed like they had a connection. At least that’s what fans like me thought, but I also knew there was no way she was going to pick him over her hometown guy Josh (even though he turned out to be not so great for her). Then Nick thought he had a chance with Kaitlyn Bristowe. They seemed close, but, again, not as close as Kaitlyn and Shawn were. Now we're here, Nick is single, and I think he deserves a third chance for these reasons.

1. He Has A Longer History On The Show

Nick has gone through two seasons of heartbreak. Twice he’s come in second and twice he’s had to face that embarrassing ride home in the limo. He has a long history of never being the one. It's time for him to be the star.

2. He Deserves To Find Love

That being said, he totally deserves to find love. I mean everyone deserves to find someone to love, and even if you don’t like Nick, he should have the chance to fall in love. He’s had some really bad luck over the past two years. Give him a break.

3. His Beard Is Great

His beard is literally perfect, and also deserves to find love. I dunno how he manicures it, but it’s wonderful. Shout out to Nick Viall’s beard, who should have its own Twitter.

4. His Overall Attractiveness

I know that many people took issue with Nick for crashing Kaitlyn’s season, but he’s super attractive. Like really hot. I would love to stare at him for two hours every Monday.

5. The Women Would Be More Interesting

I like Ben. He’s the kind of guy that nice, girl-next-door types like. I bet the women who would go on the show for Nick would be a bit more dramatic and exciting. Not that Lace isn’t those things, but I think contestants would have been way more interesting had Nick been the Bachelor.

6. His Family Could Come Back

Nick Viall’s little sister is awesome. His mom is the sweetest. I think having Nick Viall’s family involved would have been a good thing for everyone.

7. His Positive Attitude Is Awesome

I’ve listened to Nick's interviews after the show was over and he is still super positive about dating and finding someone. He talked to Bustle after Kaitlyn’s season and doled out this advice: "I think you should focus on being with someone who wants to be with you.” Let’s just say if I was rejected twice on national television, I would not be that optimistic afterwards.

8. He’s Not A Villain

He started texting with Kaitlyn before her season (as most former contestants do, by the way) and was attracted to her. He had the producers' phone number and wanted a chance to try and date Kaitlyn. That’s not a villain move. He just wanted a chance with a woman he was interested in and made it happen. And, by the way, viewers saw that Kaitlyn was flattered, not annoyed.

9. There Would Be No "BS"

Nick was always super straightforward about his thoughts and feelings. With Ben, I feel like he tries to be super nice and careful, making sure no one gets hurt. I like that Nick always says it like it is. I'm all about that.

10. He’s Entertaining

Come on, admit it. Nick Viall is the only reason Kaitlyn’s season was remotely entertaining. Imagine if a whole season revolved around him.

11. He Could Probably Hook The Show Up With Free Lyft Rides

I’m pretty sure Lyft is driving him around on the reg for free considering how much he tweets about them. Limo exits would be Lyft exits if Nick was in charge. It's a win-win for Lyft for the promotion and for ABC who wouldn't have to pay limo drivers to be on standby anymore. He should get his own season for that reason alone. But, you know, also because Nick deserves love and all that.

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