6 Snow Activities For Adults

by Kat George
snow, winter
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If you're beginning to rejoice about the winter finally arriving (seriously though, it's cold for the first time in mid-January, what's that?) you might also be looking for some snow activities you can enjoy as a grown up during Winter Storm Jonas. That's not to say grown ups don't like running around in the snow and putting their tongue on everything, maybe they do — but that seems to be something that's much more acceptable for children only, and that on snow days adults should have a little more decorum.

So what activities can adults do (legally — sorry, no nudie runs here) in the snow? Turns out, there are lots of ways for adults to enjoy the snow — and yes, some involve embracing your inner child, but not to a Dumb and Dumber extent, obvs. And don't worry, none of this requires revenge fantasies or crawling through the show like Leo in The Revenant either, which I'm pretty sure is as R-rated/adult as snow time gets (although I wouldn't blame you if after watching that movie you just moved to a tropical location and wiped any memory of snow entirely). Whether you love or hate the snow, enjoying things like an adult means embracing your situation and not throwing all the toys out of the strolled just because it's frostier outside than you'd like. Here are some great ways to enjoy the snow for adults:

1. Have A Snow Ball Fight

As a grown up, I'm not really into laying in the snow and making snow angels, or generally getting down in the snow at all, but an impromptu snowball fight (somewhere where you're not going to hit other people, like a park) can be super fun. Your inner child will be giggling with glee as you pelt your friends and are pelted in return.

2. Take A Trip

When it starts snowing, go somewhere even snowier. Buy yourself some ski or snowboard lessons, and live life as your most fabulous snow bunny self.

3. Go Ice Skating

What's more romantic and grown up than taking a twirl on the ice with a light dusting of snow falling from above? Ice skating isn't just for kids, especially if you pick a grown up location where there's a cozy cocktail bar by the ring where you can have a hot toddy for dessert.

4. Have S'mores

Did you know you can build a fire in the snow? If you've got a backyard or a safe place to do this, build a fire outside with dry wood and BBQ fire starter, and watch it melt its own little gully into the snow. Rug up and toast some s'mores over it to warm up! (Also a good time for a hot toddy, if you're on your own private property.)

5. Build An Igloo

Snowmen are for kids. Igloos are for grown ups. Build one in your backyard, then take a bunch of blankets in and some of your besties and throw a mini igloo party.

6. Stay Inside With A Glass Of Wine

Screw the snow. No, seriously. The most adult thing you can do is stay the hell indoors with television and wine. That's where you'll find me.

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