What Does Your Favorite Classic '90s TV Block Say About You?

I have a theory that TV as a whole would be a happier place if the medium brought back TV blocks. In the '90s, TV blocks were all the rage — and as a result, anyone who grew up and/or existed in the era is just as likely to cite a block of programming as their favorite as they are a singular show. Those savvy TV execs drew you in with a collection of similar shows and in the process turned their programs into the media equivalent of a Lay's potato chip ad: they bet on you not being able to watch just one.

And they were totally right. I know I didn't just watch Clarissa Explains It All on SNICK — I watched the entire lineup. The same goes for ABC's TGIF, and Disney's Zoog. If you didn't watch the entire block of programming, then what were you going to talk about on the playground tomorrow?

While you likely watched multiple classic '90s TV blocks, you definitely had a favorite. Each channel's offerings were unique and designed to capture a particular audience's attention. SNICK people and Nick at Nite people are not the same, contrary to popular belief. Your favorite '90s block has a lot to say about who you are. Read on and let your '90s TV nostalgia tell you something about your personality.


danf62465 on YouTube

If your Friday night plans revolved around Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Family Matters, and Full House, then you were a TGIF kid all the way. As a TGIF fan, you are a warm and generous person who still "awws" on cue without live studio audience prompting. Your sense of humor is gentle, and you are still the person who brings Valentine's for everyone at work. These days you get psyched about every '90s reboot because you miss the good old days of the multi-cam sitcom.

Zoog Disney

You were the first kid on your block to have a computer. While everyone else was still squeeing over SNICK, you were already joining the TV discussion online via the super interactive Zoog lineup. Still a total tech savant, you are always the first person to have the best new gadget. Your taste in TV hasn't changed much either. Even now you prefer quirky and obscure programs like Please Like Me and Humans to mainstream network fare.

FOX Kids

doink317 on YouTube

Way before superheroes became super popular and cutting edge cartoons ruled Adult Swim, you were already obsessing over everything geek. A cool kid before your time, you are still the first in line to see all the big event films, you make the best references, and you never fail to sweep pop culture categories on trivia night. You might still carry a little baggage from your fellow classmates not getting your TV tastes when you were little, but you should be secure in your awesomeness now.

SNICK (Nickelodeon)

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Your popularity has always been unmatched. While your home was once a hot spot for sleepovers that involved a lot of screaming come Are You Afraid of the Dark? time, you now play host to epic movie nights. Always in the know when it comes to the latest trends, you are torn between loving all the modern perks of life — Instagram, Chipotle, Uber — and being nostalgic for the good ole days when life was a little bit simpler. You always DVR The Splat.

Must-See TV (NBC)

retroisthenewvintage on YouTube

There is not a risk-averse bone in your body. When you were young, you watched the Must-See TV lineup whether your parents approved or not, and you still like to break the rules today. You support lots of causes and love getting involved in debates. You are super disenchanted with modern TV, and prefer Seinfeld reruns to anything new.

Nick At Nite (Nickelodeon)

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A true old soul, your love of all things retro started at a young age. You pine for an era you never actually lived in, and as a result you found yourself maturing faster than most of your peers. You live for the weekends when you can go antiquing, catch a classic movie festival, or host a sit down dinner party. Some days you are certain your Mad Men feelings will never go away.

Kids' WB

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Creative and totally secure in who you are, you were never afraid of embracing your offbeat tastes. TV wasn't a huge part of your childhood, but the shows you did watch still make you smile when you think about them. These days you no longer own a TV, and spend lots of time exploring and just generally being your adventurous self. You still love a good Netflix night in sometimes though — life can't be all excitement all the time.

See, those '90s TV blocks are way more than just nostalgia fuel, they were also an early indicator of what kind of awesome adult you would turn out to be.

Image: Nickelodeon