The One Thing 'Making A Murderer' Fans Need To Do

by Melissa Mills

When binge-watching a TV show, you have to be prepared for serious highs and low lows. First there's the excitement upon its premiere – you've got plans to sink into your couch with your laptop and a bottle of wine with your name on it just for the occasion. Then there's pure joy when you've finally started, nothing but the show to get lost in. Intrigue, comfort, utter happiness: could life get any better? But then... wait. There's only two episodes left. That's where the denial sets in. It's so not almost over. It'll be totally fine. And that's when the credits roll. It's nothing but depression and withdrawal at this point and you're looking for any fix you can get. Making A Murderer memes, recaps, parodies, books on coerced confessions. Whatever it is, you'll take it.

Sound familiar? Yeah, Making A Murderer had that effect on pretty much all of us. After marathoning all 10 hours of the docu-series on Dec. 18 when it began streaming on Netflix I just had so many feelings about Steven Avery. After being released from jail 18 years after being incarcerated for a rape he did not commit, Avery was arrested in 2005 and convicted in 2007 for murdering photographer Teresa Halbach. Is he guilty? That's the question still on all of our minds, especially as evidence continues to come out both for and against Avery's case.

If you, like me, literally cannot get through the day without a Making A Murderer update, then you're in luck. The *one* thing to do if your obsession is taking on a life of its own is to follow the Making A Murderer stream in the Bustle app. The app team scours the Web for the latest updates on the documentary filmmakers, Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey's cases, everything trending on social media, and every theory – big or small, and they put all of that juicy info all in one place so you can get your fix and easily share it with friends who are just as committed as you are.

Will the cases of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey ever be reopened? Was that vial of blood actually tampered with? Is Avery still engaged to Sandy Greenman? And, for the love of God, is Brad Dassey's rap *really* for real?! Those questions and more, all covered in the Bustle app right now. Get on it!

Images: Netflix, Giphy