Did Kylie Jenner Accidentally Reveal New Lip Kit?

To say I am anxiously anticipating the launch of the next season of Kylie Lip Kits is like saying this weekend's historic Nor'Easter will bring a little snow. I'm so jazzed about the Lip Kits that I'm trolling Kylie Jenner's Instagram posts for clues about the launch date for the new shades or a new supply of the old ones, as well for hints about new hues. So far, Season 1 of the Kylie Lip Kits remain sold out, although her big sis Kourtney Kardashian did hint about a restock, suggesting that it could be coming soon. Jenner herself revealed the new pink shade Posie K as part of her upcoming Valentine's Day collection.

She also wore the rich, non-neutral pink, showing us how it looked on her puffy pout, as well as how it looked swiped on the back of her hand and in the tube.

That said, videos of Jenner in the lab, assembling a Lip Kit by filling the tube and adding the wand, complete with a hair net and rubber gloves, got me thinking. Did she just inadvertently reveal a new Lip Kit shade? Or is that a classic? You can see the product being dispensed and it leads to more questions than answers.

Granted, it's lab lighting and there could be a filter on the video, thereby distorting the color, either intentionally or not. The truth is, I don't know for sure. But I decided to inspect the clip a little more closely to see if any clues revealed themselves.

Jenner seems genuinely engaged in creating the product, but let's dissect that caption. She says "making the first few Kylie Lip Kits." Does she mean the first few Kits of the new collection? Or the first few Kits of the restock of the original trio of neutrals? Her #comingsoon hashtag could be referring to the Valentine's Day range or a restock being on its way.

Ack! The clues are not obvious nor are they revelatory.

Now check out the screenshot of the filled tube. It looks like a pale, whisper-light pink.

That's definitely not Posie K, which is richer and deeper and pictured above on Jenner's power pout.

Now, have a look at Posie K, which was paired against "original" shades Candy K and Dolce K for contrast. Candy K is on the far left. The color from the Kylie Jenner, Mad Scientist video is very similar. But is it the same? Was Jenner filling a Candy K bottle? Or was that one of the new shades in the Valentine's Day collection? Will the new collection boast a softer, more pastel pink shade than Candy K? Jenner seemed to indicate the Val Day range would have three new colors, as well as a new formula.

Here's another piece of evidence to review. In this pic of big sis Khloe Kardashian, it seems like the tube Jenner filled might very well have been Candy K, which looks much lighter under this filter and, well, lighting.

Not so fast, though! Candy K appears darker in this image of the original trio.

IDK, guys! It's too close to call. See how insane this is? It's because I am jonesing for a Lip Kit and because I legit expect to be shut out of grabbing one when they next become available. Fans have expressed frustration with Lip Kit unavailability. I wouldn't need to waste time analyzing an Insta vid if she would just make more widely available. The product already earned kult status. Now, give it to your peeps!

Let's hope the team was pumping out tons and tons of Lip Kits the day this video was filmed so that supply will meet demand and make for happy customers and makeupistas.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (3); Lip Kit by Kylie/Instagram (4)