15 Michelle Tanner Outfits I Want To Wear Now & Forever — PHOTOS

As a late-20-something, I basically grew up watching Full House. In fact, I grew up right alongside Michelle Tanner. And while I'm sad that the Olsen twins won't be reprising their role for the Full House reboot, Fuller House, I still have some Michelle Tanner fashion inspiration from the past to sustain me.

When I think back to watching Full House as a wee one, I remember wanting DJ's love life, Stephanie's wardrobe, and Michelle's badass attitude. Steph's style was '90s teenage grunge at its finest and I was (and still am) into it. When you consider that the Olsen twins have become absolute powerhouses in the fashion industry as adults, it seems likely that Michelle Tanner had a little something to do with their signature sartorial chops.

It's hard to think of a 6-year-old as fashion role model, but Michelle Tanner was definitely not your average kid. She was always full of spunk; and when I started to look back at her outfits, I realized that she wore a lot of bold looks that I could see incorporating into my own personal routine today. From overalls and scrunchies to leather jackets and leotards, Michelle wasn't just cracking us up on Full House. She was serving us a heck of a lot of fashion goals.

1. Denim Overalls

One thing I saw when looking back at Michelle's style was a love of overalls. She wore these over the course of the entire show. They were a '90s kid staple, of course. But overalls are making a comeback in their own right, and we have Michelle to show us the way.

2. Polka Dot Suspenders

Little Michelle probably had no idea how cool she actually was when wearing these polka dot suspenders, but damn, I need a pair.

3. The Scrunchie/Side Ponytail Combo

As a '90s kid who sported a bowl cut until scrunchies went out of style, I totally missed out on this trend. But Michelle is rocking the pink scrunchie/side ponytail combo that I definitely need to try out now that I have hair long enough to do it. Better late than never, right?

4. Bright Florals

I can mostly be found wearing all-black or super bold colors, and Michelle never shied away from the latter. This floral number is no exception. The bright daisies give me all the '90s feels.

5. Hot Pink Shades

Even though Michelle was the youngest of the Tanner Trio, she often had the sharpest tongue and she knew how to throw shade. Unsurprisingly, her actual shade game was also pretty great. Although these weren't probably intentionally oversized, big shades that take over your face are a personal summer staple of mine.

6. The Bow Blouse

Michelle's sass always made Full House entertaining. Even though this pose doesn't surprise me, the cute bow blouse definitely did. I'm seeing this bow blouse style (though admittedly less kid-friendly forms of it) trending already in 2016.

7. Pattern Blouse

I have a not-so-secret affinity for gaudy fashion — something that was particularly strong in the early '90s. I get my inspiration everywhere, from the Golden Girls to Michelle Tanner herself. My age doesn't matter. If it's gaudy, I want to wear it. If it comes with a matching bow and scrunchie, even better.

8. Velvet Dress

Wintry, velvet babydoll dresses like the one Michelle is wearing here are totally in vogue. Add a pair of black opaque tights and combat boots and you've got a more adult edge to your look.

9. Lace Leotards With White Tees

While Michelle's floral and lace leotard is a far cry from the lace-up bodysuits being worn today, I think there's an important lesson to gain from this look. You can totally take a trend like the bodysuit and style it in your own way. I never thought to wear a tee under one, but it's actually pretty genius.

10. Jazzed-Out Jacket

A denim jacket is a pretty classic fashion staple, but add some colorful bows, stars, and other embellishments and you're straight back in the '90s.

11. Lots Of Gold Jewelry

I don't know why Michelle went full-on badass here, but I want these triangle earrings so bad.

12. Hybrid Denim Dress

I am pretty sure that I also owned a dress that was denim on the top and printed on the bottom. With so many '90s fashion options to choose from these days, this look allows you the freedom not to have to pick between two great styles.

13. Mint Green Everything

Michelle loved bright colors, and she also sported pastels with ease. Mint green is a fun hue that I want to wear all spring long.

14. All-Over Print Tees

I mistakenly thought that the all-over print tee was a newer trend rather than one recycled from the early '90s. Michelle makes the look fun with pigtails and scrunchies, duh.

15. Leather Jacket

When thinking about Michelle's fashion, you have to remember that Uncle Jessie was her bestie. So she's gonna bring a little rocker edge to the table sometimes, and that's totally cool.

Michelle Tanner grew up before our eyes on Full House. And although we won't be getting to see how she now dresses on Fuller House, we can still look back and appreciate all the style inspiration she brought into our lives.

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