Your Fave WB Show Says A Lot About You

Before The CW, there was The WB — the one channel you probably always had on if you were a preteen or teen (or even a 20-something) in the '90s and early '00s. The number of quality, groundbreaking shows and cult favorites The WB produced is astounding in retrospect. Back then, you were too busy basking in the joy of weekly episodes of Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer to think about the potential legacy of The WB and Michigan J. Frog. Given how attached people are to their favorite WB show to this day, it is clear there was something magical happening at the network.

If you are psyched about the Gilmore Girls revival, spend an epic amount of time marathoning Charmed, or still watch Supernatural religiously, then you have earned your WB fan stripes. What does your favorite WB show say about you, though? These shows were your young adulthood, so it makes total sense your loyalty to Buffy or Felicity can tell you something about your personality.

Each show was wildly different, and while you no doubt watched more than one — they truly were the Pokémon of the TV world, you had to catch them all — that one show you absolutely couldn't miss and still think about to this day is the one show that might just know you better than you know yourself.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

You were a feminist before you knew there was a word for it. Seeing the world Buffy lived in has always given you strength to stand up for yourself, others, and what you believe in. Typically, you are the wittiest person in the room and the last one anyone wants to tick off.

Dawson's Creek

Always in a hurry to grow up, you found kindred spirits in the Creek gang. These days, you are just as hyper-literate as the characters ever dared to be. You tend to get sentimental over everything, and still have every birthday card you ever received — but it is your big heart that makes you such a wonderful friend.


A dreamer to your core, you thought Felicity's big move to New York City was crazy romantic. Now, you channel your soulful energy into the arts — writing, painting, acting — and you don't feel like your best self when you're not creating something. You still have strong opinions on the Felicity haircut debate.


Family and friends first is your life motto. You have always been good at maintaining close ties with the people you love. On the flip side, you are obsessed with Halloween and all things that are "fun" spooky. Hocus Pocus is your favorite movie.

Gilmore Girls

For you, Gilmore Girls is a religion. The show speaks to that part of your heart that craves a happy place. You understand life is often crazy hard and confusing better than most— but you also know there's a lot of happiness in the world, and Stars Hollow is still the place you visit when you need a reminder.

One Tree Hill

You thrive on excitement. You are not afraid to take risks, put your heart on the line, or watch an ultra dramatic TV show. You really don't care what other people think, which has made you a life hero in the eyes of many.


Bragging about being a Chris Pratt fan from way back is one of your favorite hobbies. Despite that, you are a grounded person who knows exactly what you want out of life. Growing up, you had a complicated relationship with your family, but now you can't imagine your life without them.


Optimistic and brave, you work hard to help those in need. Chances are your pet is a rescue and you love doing volunteer work. You really hated the last Superman movie.


You prefer your entertainment with a darker edge. While you describe yourself as a realist, others see you as a bit of a pessimist. Don't let them get you down, though — you recognize the harsh realities of life and then you put your compassionate spirit into action to do something about them.


When faced with something new, your first response is always curiosity. You are a believer of impossible things, and you won't let anyone dash your dreams. You naturally gravitate to things that are off-beat, which makes you a serious taste-maker.


As a fan of the last surviving WB show, you are unafraid of progress. You embrace nostalgia and the fandom way of life, but you are also open to new experiences and adventures. Whenever someone says "Impala" you can't stop yourself from grinning.

The WB is the gift that will never stop giving. Your favorite show left its mark on you, and admit it, you wouldn't have it any other way.

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