What Happens When You Use Dating Apps At Sundance

I've never really used my dating apps while traveling, but I figured a quick trip to Park City was the perfect chance to give swiping in a new city a whirl and get a glimpse of what the dating scene is like during Sundance Film Festival. Usually when I see "just in town for the weekend" in someone's bio, I'll swipe left and never look back. But, I was curious about the dating app environment was like in a city where people are coming in from all over the country for the week and how that meshed with the local singles.

I was invited by Stella Artois to attend some wonderful panels and parties at Sundance, and I also had a personal mission of trying to make out with a celebrity while I was there, so yes, there was a lot on my plate in these two days. But in between panels, screenings, and parties I would make an effort to drain my phone's battery and use up all of the cellular data for the sake of journalism. How are straight single guys from Utah different from guys in New York? Do locals really want to meet up with people in town for the weekend? Was the Sundance crowd just on there to hookup? Did anyone visiting really even have time for that? I had a lot of questions.

I figured Tinder would be my best best even though I don't use it in New York. I thought Bumble would be a wise choice too, since it's also geo-location based with unlimited swiping options.

I must say that simply remembering to check my phone when I'm on a trip is a struggle itself, so keeping up with dating apps during a jam-packed two-day trip wasn't easy — at one point I snuck into the corner of a raging party to charge my phone and swipe in peace. Here's what I learned during my 48 hours on dating apps in Park City:

1. "LDS" Or "Non-LDS" Is Standard In Bios

If you were to forget at any point that 60 percent of Utah residents are Mormon, leave it Bumble and Tinder to remind you in just about every profile you come across. This isn't so much of a surprise to see LDS/Non-LDS listed right alongside height or job, but it's certainly not something you'd see in NYC. In fact, I rarely ever seen any mentions of faith in write-in bios in New York.

2. So Is "No Kids, Never Married"

Just as common as faith or lack of faith was on profiles, straight, single guys made a point beyond "that baby in the picture is not mine" to show you they're kid-free.

3. Olympic Athletes!

Definitely more impressive then the typical "Look! I caught a FISH!" pic.

4. Everyone's Seeking An Adventure

And by everyone, I mean EVERYONE.

5. Hobbies Consist Of Much More Than "I Love To Travel"

Definitely don't have to worry about anyone being lazy here.

6. People Want To Meet Up NOW

Well, hello to you too!

7. They Also Don't Care That You're Boarding A Plane In 20 Minutes

As good of a headline as "I Canceled My Flight For Three Tinder Dates" sounded, my thumbs were exhausted and wanted to get back to New York. Maybe next year.

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Images: Fotolia; Michelle Toglia