"Freddy, My Love" In 'Grease Live!' Shows Off Keke Palmer's Voice & A Great, Overlooked Song — VIDEO

If you're a human being who grew up in the United States of America, chances are fairly good that you're more than passingly familiar with the musical phenomenon that is Grease the movie, starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Tuning into FOX's musical production Grease Live! , you were probably looking forward to singing along with Sandy and dancing along to the hand jive... which is why it must have seemed odd when Keke Palmer's Marty broke out into "Freddy, My Love," a song you'd never heard before. Just what was this new song?

Well, actually, it's not new at all. In fact, it's older than the movie itself! "Freddy, My Love" was a part of the original Broadway production that opened in 1971, seven years before the show was adapted into a feature film. In fact, "Freddy, My Love" is just one of the many songs that ended up on the cutting room floor in the adaptation process. Others include "Those Magic Changes," (which also reappeared in the FOX live production), "Mooning," "Alone At A Drive-In Movie," and "All Choked Up." (The latter two were replaced for the film with original songs "Sandy" and "You're The One That I Want.")


Appropriately enough for a musical on the same network that aired Glee for six seasons, "Freddy, My Love" featured a surprisingly elaborate fantasy sequence, complete with a huge U.S.O. set, a dramatic costume change, and energetic backup singers — and a cheering live studio audience, perhaps the single biggest difference between Grease Live! and NBC's previous live musical productions. Watch Palmer's "Freddy, My Love" below.

Images: Michael Becker/FOX; Giphy