The New Kylie Jenner Lip Kits Come With A Surprise

Another day, another exciting Lip Kit announcement. In addition to sharing the newest shade of lipstick she's releasing on Instagram, Kylie Jenner revealed a special surprise will come in the new Lip Kits according to her Twitter. It seems like every little thing she does is getting her fans even more excited for the launch, so it's nice to see her add a personalized touch to each product.

Unlike the OG Lip Kit release, Jenner has been giving away tons of hints as to what we can expect from her new collection of lippies on social media. From behind the scenes videos to revealing two of the three shades on social media, the girl doesn't mess around when it comes to clues. That makes her recent retweet all the more exciting. She recently shared a tweet from her fan @kyliejenlove saying that there will be a letter from Jenner herself inside the lip kits. Oh, and, according to the same Twitter user, one lucky fan might even get a signed Lip Kit from her as well. It's just speculation at this point, but if Jenner is re-tweeting information about it it can't be that far off base, right?

She always chooses her retweets wisely, so when she puts something on her timeline, you know it's based in some truth. This isn't quite as exciting as seeing what that third shade will be, but it definitely is the icing on top of what looks like a fabulous lipstick collection.

If there's one thing I've learned from Jenner's newest makeup launch, it's that she's definitely social media savvy. She's giving us hints, teasing details, and flat out announcing new colors all on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. In case you can't keep track, here's everything that you need to know about the new Lip Kits By Kylie.

1. One Of The New Hues Will Be Red

That's right! Her most recent announcement is that one of her colors will be the bright red shade that she sported on her Instagram. There's no news on the name, but it sure is Jenner's boldest color yet.

How gorgeous is that?!

2. Another Shade Is Posie K

The first color announced was this gorgeous pink shade, later named Posie K — a moniker picked by one of her Instagram followers.

Here's how it compares to Dolce K and Candy K.

3. There Will Be A New Lip Formula

With a new season comes a new formula. There's no concrete news on what the new formula will be like, but the first Lip Kits were suede-like matte. Maybe this one will be more moisturizing?

4. It's About Valentine's Day

When Jenner announced the first color on Instagram, she also shared that it would be a Valentine's Day collection. That makes sense considering the first two colors are pink and red, very different from her three original shades.

5. It Launches Soon

Because it's Valentine's Day-centered and she just shot her photoshoot, odds are these lippies will be arriving soon. According to the Lip Kit by Kylie site, orders take a day or two to be processed and three to six days to ship. With only two weeks before the holiday, it must be launching soon.

6. The Packaging Will Be The Same

Jenner took her Snapchat followers behind the scenes as she filled some of the Lip Kit bottles herself. From the videos taken, it's clear to see that at least the bottles will be the same.

They'll all fit so nicely together on your shelf!

7. Odds Are It'll Be The Same Price

Because it's the same packaging and still called a Lip Kit, meaning there will be a liner and a lipstick, odds are the prices will be similar. For both products, $30 is actually pretty affordable, so let's hope that the new formula won't mean a bigger price tag.

There's everything you need to know!