Where Can You Buy Kylie's Newest Lip Shade Koko?

Ladies and gentlemen, Kylie Jenner has officially released the newest and last shade of her Valentine's Day lip kit, and the soft pink color might just make you swoon more than your date next Sunday. If you've already glimpsed Jenner's Instagram and are freaking over the latest shade, I've got the details on where you can buy Koko. You're going to have to wait a bit, but once it's out, after a few (really, really quick) clicks, it will be sitting on your doorstep in no time.

Koko is part of Jenner's brand new red Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, featuring hues specifically designed for the romantic holiday just around the corner. Along with Koko, the new set includes a stunner red shade called Mary Jo and a warm, pinkish mauve called Posie. These two will join the rest of the shades that have been out over the last year: A deep cocoa shade, True Brown, a golden-hued pink nude, Candy, and a slightly more coral nude, Dolce.

What sets Koko apart from the other pinky colors in the set is it's more icy undertones, which would work especially well on neutral and cool-colored skin tones. Of course, you should rock whatever freaking color you want — with a formulation as amazing as Kylie's lip kit, it's bound to make everyone, no matter the skin tone, look fabulous!

As for where to get Koko and all the other sexy shades, you'll need to head to the Lip Kit By Kylie website when she releases them. Don't worry — according to the lip kit maker herself, the kits are being released "closer than you think!"

Feast your eyes on Koko below:

How good does it look on her model/friend Jordyn?

Ugh. I want to rock this shade so bad with a little black dress.

Also, excuse me while I keep drooling over Mary Jo.

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot.

And the other newest shade, Posie, has me feeling all kinds of deep floral feels.

Like, can we stop and talk about how perfect this would be with a flowy boho dress or trousers?

The wait is almost over, everyone. Now if only they wouldn't sell out in two seconds! Fingers crossed, y'all.

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