Most Singles WANT To Be Single On Valentine's Day

The verdict is in: single people would rather be single on Valentine's Day. That's right— it's time to stop panicking. It's one day. It's just a day. So we know that we make a stupidly big deal out of it, but now there's some data to show not only are single people "surviving" everyone's favorite Hallmark holiday that some people nickname "Singles Awareness Day", they're actually pretty content being right where they are.

The UK company first4lawyers surveyed 2,000 men and women and found that 51 percent of single people would rather be single on Valentine's Day. Not only that, but 28 percent love being single and want to stay single, according to the website. And even for those who are already in a relationship, over one third said they wish they were single on Valentine's Day because it's more fun. I think basically what we have is a "the grass is always greener" situation, but it's safe to say we should stop making such a massive deal about Valentine's Day one way or another.

In fact, the survey said a lot of interesting things about Valentine's Day and relationships in general. Here are some things to know.

1. Valentine's Day Gestures Are Important For Singles

Even though it's silly stuff, 63 percent of responders who were single said that things around Valentine's Day were important— gifts and gestures and so forth. For most, all of the cheese and cringe actually means something.

2. But People In A Relationship Don't Care So Much About Gifts

Even though most single people think it's important, 70 percent of people who are in a relationship said that it's not important to them. It seems like it's viewed as a bigger deal from the outside, but when you're in a relationship it's just sort of awkward to figure out what you should do.

3. Kids Can Change How You View V-Day

10 percent of people in a relationship said that Valentine's Day once was a big deal for them but after they started having kids it wasn't anymore. I guess something about piles of poop and vomit made the roses not smell quite so sweet.

4. Speaking Of Bodily Functions...

MaHalf of those coupled up said they had stopped "snagging" their partners— which I think is a crime. Snogging is the best. Plus 56 percent use a toilet in front of each other and 70 percent are merrily farting away in front of each other by six months into a relationship. Talk about setting the mood on V-Day.

5. For Some, Romance And Appearance Are Too Closely Linked

Twenty-eight percent of respondents said that the romance ends when you stop caring about your appearance, which apparently most people do within the first six months. I don't think it's fair to equate romance and dolling up— as someone who never dolls up— but I don't think the spark should go out so in any case. Maybe that's what Valentine's Day is good for, with all of it's commodification and cheesiness, just reminding you not to take each other for granted. It's not fireworks and roses, but it's something.

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