6 Ways To Feel Clean When You Can't Shower

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There are moments in life when you simply can't shower. These include four-day music festivals, camping trips, hiking the Pacific Coast Trail, and being stranded in the desert. In all other aspects of life, however, I'm sure you have a perfectly good shower at your disposal. If you choose to ignore it for days on end, then that's your choice.

The truth of the matter is, daily showers are not for everyone. And that's perfectly normal. Maybe you just don't like to, or don't feel the need, and that's OK. In fact, daily showers aren't actually that great for your skin or hair. If you have sensitive skin, skipping a hot bath is a great way to keep your natural oils and moisture. So really, you're doing yourself a favor. I say go ahead and rock your burgeoning BO to your comfort level.

But then there's the rest of us. The people who wake up late and really really want a shower, but don't have the time. We then proceed with our day doing that sneaky armpit sniff, and being totally grossed out by our greasy hair. If this sounds more like you, then you may want to know some ways to look (and smell) a bit more fresh when showering is not an option.

1. Coat Your Roots In Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is where it's at when you've gone three days without showering and it's starting to show. Just spray a little on your roots, and the powder will soak up extra oil, while giving your hair a little volume. This stuff is also a godsend for people with bangs, since we all know oily fringe is a dead giveaway for the un-bathed.

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2. Embrace The Top Knot

The top knot was made for anyone hiding sweaty gym hair, or gnarly bed head. It offers a put-together look that doesn't require water. And they always seem to work better with slightly dirty (OK, greasy) hair.

3. Scrub Your Armpits

If you've ever heard of a PTA bath, then you know it's important to at least freshen up your smelliest bits, if nothing else. And the most noticeable of all the smelly places is definitely the armpits. They are the first things that seem to go sour when you haven't bathed, due to all the festering bacteria. So swipe on some deodorant, or give yourself a little splash bath in the sink, and (ta da!) you'll be smelling fresh.

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4. Change Your Unmentionables

It's perfectly fine to not shower for a few days, but it's really not that great to keep walking around town in the same undies day after day. Forget that it might cause a yeast infection or UTI — it just feels so refreshing to put on a clean pair. But if that's not an option, go commando.

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5. Invest In Moist Towelettes

Name any situation, and I'll tell you how that situation could be made better with a moist towelette. OK, that may be a slight exaggeration, but those things are so friggin handy. Keep some wipes (moist towelette or otherwise) in your bathroom to refresh your armpits and face before heading out for the day, and keep some in your bag for washing up after the gym. It'll almost feel like you showered.

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6. Spritz On Some Perfume

Carry around a little mini perfume, and spritz some on when you're feeling less than fresh. But don't get carried away. Sadly, perfume isn't a replacement for showering. And spraying on too much screams "I haven't been in my bathroom in days." Just enough will freshen you up, and mask that stale smell until you decide to shower again.

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So you haven't showered in days. Who cares? Nobody has to know.

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