The Justin Bieber 'Zoolander 2' Cameo Will Please Both His Fans & His Haters

Zoolander 2 premieres this week, and the film is already notable for having what might just be the most celebrity cameos ever gathered together for one film. There are so many that they probably can't even all be noticed in just one viewing. Benedict Cumberbath, Kim & Kanye, Katy Perry, and loads more megastars join in on the fun, but without question, one person in particular really steals the show. I'm of course referring to Justin Bieber's Zoolander 2 cameo. The pop star continues his recent attempts to get back into the public's good graces by appearing in the long-awaited sequel to a beloved movie, but what exactly does his role entail?

Bieber's cameo is likely to please both Beliebers and those who can't stand him, since he has some funny lines and does some cool stunts, but also gets killed off pretty quickly. It's a win win for him, really. Not only that, but he actually opens up the film, and his brief three minutes on screen set the stage for the events of the film's plot. So if you really want to know what happens to Justin Bieber in Zoolander 2, read on. And just as a warning, you can assume there are some spoilers from here on out.

In a scene that's mostly revealed in the film's trailer, the movie begins with someone being chased by assassins on motorcycles, and that someone is the Biebs, playing himself. He reveals some nimble fighting moves, including a sweet backflip/neck snap move, during the chase scene, but his success is short-lived, as he is eventually gunned down in pretty gory fashion. Seriously, he gets shot like a hundred times. But before he dies, Bieber takes one last selfie to post to Instagram, making Derek Zoolander's trademark Blue Steel face and choosing the proper filter before doing so.

This serves as a kicking off point for a mystery plot involving someone killing off the world's most beautiful people, of which Bieber is counted among the ranks, in a possible attempt to discover the fountain of youth by spilling the blood of the so-called "Chosen One". Zoolander and Hansel are recruited by Penelope Cruz's Interpol officer to use their fashion industry connections to discover who's behind the murders, as they have a hunch the killings could be connected to Kristen Wiig's eccentric designer, Alexanya Atoz, who is in turn connected to the villain from the first film, Mugatu.

And that's the story behind Justin Bieber's Zoolander 2 cameo. More meaningful than most of the film's many other cameos, it actually helps drive the plot. You could even argue that the film has no plot without him, so in a way, he's like the Malaysian Prime Minister in the first film in the way his involvement triggers the story. And that is the first and only time that you will ever see Justin Bieber compared to the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

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