11 Charts That Describe Being Single On V-Day

Some singles hate Valentine's Day, some love it, and some are like, "Oh, it's V-Day already? lololol." But regardless of how you feel about the day of love, being single on Valentine's Day is certainly a far different experience than being in a relationship or married on Valentine's Day.

I'll admit it, I effing love Valentine's Day when I'm single. I use it as a day to go to a fancy dinner with my friends, go out dancing, get my hair done, eat chocolate, recognize how much love is in my love, tell all those loving people that I love them, and then, of course, have more chocolate. Not that you need an excuse to do any of these things — especially the chocolate — but it's nice to have a day set on the calendar reminding you it's time to treat yourself. I know not everyone loves how commercialized it is, that favors couples, or the fact that it's one day of the year to celebrate love, and we should celebrate it every damn day, but I appreciate a day where we're all on the same page about our cheesiness.

Unlike being in a relationship on Valentine's Day, I find being single on the holiday to be more liberating. There's no pressure. No Valentine's Day expectations — for flowers, cards, dinner, sex (but come on, no one "owes" anyone sex!). And there are plenty of other differences too, from what your V-Day priorities consist of (Hi squad!) to what your dance moves may look like (Beyoncé has arrived). Here are 11 charts and graphs that perfectly describe being single on Valentine's Day.

1. Your Priorities

2. Your Dining Experience

3. Your Drink Preference

4. Your Tindering

5. Making Bad Decisions

6. Your Nutrition

7. Your Sexy Moves

8. Your Plans

9. Your Thoughts On Flying Solo

10. Your Ideal Date

11. Your Ideal Sex Time

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Images: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle