Where Are Kim Kardashian And Kanye West At The 2016 Grammy Awards? They Might Be Across The Country

Well this is a shock: America's hottest couple and the two people who can't get enough publicity in their lives, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, weren't present at the 2016 Grammy Awards on Monday night. It was especially strange given Kanye West just released a new album — with new music out in the world, you'd think West would want to be in the center of all of that music action. I mean, I personally was looking forward to Kardashian making some big fashion statement on the red carpet, because you know that's what she would do if she was at the show Monday. So, since they had every reason to show up and they didn't, it's worth asking: Where were Kanye West and Kim Kardashian while the 2016 Grammy Awards were taking place?

It turns out the happy couple were not in attendance. Instead, they took to social media to display their other reasons for not attending.

Tweets posted by Kardashian herself shows that the couple were not only not in attendance, but that they were likely still completely across the country. In a video posted to Twitter, Kardashian filmed an adorable North West holding her hand up and refusing any more pictures of her be taken. When the camera pans up to catch her adorable tantrum, Kendall Jenner is watching her niece adoringly, laughing at her stand of independence. But Jenner, we know, is in NYC for New York Fashion Week along with her sister, Kylie Jenner. Which means Kim Kardashian is most likely nowhere near L.A. and the 2016 Grammy Awards.

West, too, was active on social media, taking to Twitter to talk about his new album and refusing to sell it on Apple. West made no mention of the Grammy Awards in his tweets, but we can only assume that he was with his wife in New York City and nowhere in attendance.

So, while it's clear that the pair had good reason to not be at the 2016 Grammy Awards, it's surprising nonetheless that they missed such an important night in music.