7 Anti-Valentine's Day Memes For Happy Singletons

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Brace yourself — the anti-Valentine's Day memes are coming. Each year, Valentine's Day sparks a slew of criticism from single and committed people alike for all kinds of reasons: Commercializing the celebration of romantic love, encouraging public displays of affection in couples that already flood your Instagram feed with sappy love posts, and, of course, reminding all the singletons that nobody loves us and we're going to die alone, without even a herd of cats to keep us company.

Obviously, that isn't necessarily the case — my deathbed, for instance, will feature a minimum of a dozen cats — but it can certainly feel that way on Valentine's Day, when half of your friends are off staring deeply into each other's eyes by candlelight and the other half are sipping Pinot Noir and griping about how much they hate being alone. It's not hard to see why anti-Valentine's Day memes are so popular this time of year, especially since cynicism is the name of the twentysomething game. But what if you don't have any particularly strong feelings regarding Valentine's Day — or, shockingly, what if you actually enjoy the excuse to pig out on chocolate and wine by yourself? If you're totally single and totally happy, these memes are for you.

My wallet and I aren't on the best of terms, but it would be so much worse if I wasn't riding solo.

It's not that difficult to understand.

Ironclad self-esteem is a wonderful thing.

Valentine's Day is for appreciating those you love, and I love myself. And also wine.

Priorities, people.

If you're comparing yourself to Anna Wintour, you're doing something right.

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