Skorts You Definitely Loved As A '90s Kid

In theory, wearing a skort makes sense. As the practical hybrid of a skirt and shorts, how could it not? Party in the front, business in the back! But if skorts we're so loved in the '90s, why did I despise them so much? It's true they hit that glorious sweet spot where my inner tomboy collided with my femininity. However, I think I had my school uniforms to thank for the beef I had with skorts. It didn't matter how great they were for keeping things covered up while running wild in a ruthless game of tag.

Just because I wasn't a big fan of skorts doesn't mean I couldn't see the major appeal they had to everyone else. Skorts have made a comeback — albeit it with modern twists — so that has to mean someone's been rooting for them. For better or worse, they were head turners. You go to compliment a girl on her skirt, and then bam! That flap was hiding a pair of shorts all along. With a crop top and mini backpack added in true '90s fashion, I guess they weren't so bad after all. Dive head first into that '90s nostalgia we're so used to having and fall in love all over again with the eight skorts that made the decade — and are coming back again in 2016.

1. Floral

Ditsy Floral Skort, $9, Forever 21

If there were ever a popular pattern during the '90s, it'd probably be floral print. I may not be a big fan of skorts, but floral anything gets my stamp of approval.

2. Denim

Buttoned Denim Skirt, $18, Forever 21

There's no way that a denim skort wouldn't make it onto the list. You can never go wrong with denim in the '90s. That explains why jean skorts got plenty of attention back in the day.

3. Pleated

Limited Too Pleated Skort, $3, eBay

Can you imagine Limited Too without rows of little pleated skorts? I'd bet anything that almost every '90s tween had one stashed in their closet. Channeling your inner Britney Spears would have been a piece of cake with this school girl uniformesque skort.

4. Plaid

Janine Tartan Checkered Woven Skort, $26, Boohoo

OK, I did say denim was the most '90s thing ever, but I may have spoken too soon. It can't get any more '90s than plaid or tartan anything! A plaid skort made for a major Cher Horowitz moment any '90s girl would kill to have.

5. High-Waisted

D Ring Bell Wrap Skort, $37, Missguided

Why anyone would love a high-waisted skort is pretty self-explanatory. Jeans, skirts, and shorts were all hiding the naval back then, so it's only right that skorts would get the high-waisted treatment too.

6. Button Front

Roxy Buttonfront Skort, $40, Free People

Bonus points for all bottoms with the famous '90s button front. It was the perfect touch that took a skort to new, chic heights. How about adding a pair of platforms to set this look on fire?

7. Tiered

Limited Too Pink Plaid Tiered Skort, $10, eBay

I'm picturing this with one of those Limited Too sports tees — you know, the ones that featured a jersey number and sport you probably never played. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I owned a ruffled skort (from Limited Too, might I add). They were definitely an essential part of '90s tweendom.

8. Mini

Denim Mini Skort, $13, Forever 21

The only way to top a denim skort is to go mini! The mini skirt was a '90s wardrobe staple, so naturally we had a soft spot for the mini skort. Denim and mini? It's literally the epitome of the '90s.

Images: Courtesy of Brands (8); Giphy