Who Are The Models In Beth Ditto's New Collection?

The day has finally come. Beth Ditto's clothing line has officially dropped. And as I browse through the amazing lookbook, I just have to ask: Who are the models for Beth Ditto's fashion collection? Well, it seems that Ditto has chosen two vocal members of the plus size modeling and body positive communities. If you have an Instagram account, there's a chance you might've come across the pair in the last couple of months. Maybe that's how Ditto found these two babes, considering she often uses her own Instagram page to celebrate those in the plus size fashion industry.

Ditto specifically set out to make clothing for plus size women that wasn't centered around being "flattering." Rather than focusing on "flattering," her goal was to create something "really interesting and cool," she told Vogue in the lead-up to her line's launch. The diverse models she chose — including herself — prove that the myth of plus size women only looking good in certain clothing styles is bogus. All these gals totally rock the pieces designed by Ditto and highlight the notion that good fashion will look amazing on anyone, regardless of so-called plus size fashion rules.

Ditto made her collection for plus size women. The models selected prove not only how well her line looks on plus size women, but how diverse the moniker of "plus size" actually is.

1. Beth Ditto

I absolutely adore that Ditto used herself as a model for her collection. Clearly, these clothes are actually ones she would wear herself. She has said on her site that she grew up making her own outfits, so it's rewarding to see her take design to that next level. The musician turned designer totally deserves to celebrate in her own work, because this collection is undoubtedly awesome.

2. Philomena Kwao

Philomena Kwao is a plus size British Ghanaian model who kills it on Instagram with her body positivity. She recently scored an iconic spot in one of the most diverse Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions ever through a totally body positive swimsuitsforall advertisement.

3. Barbie Ferreira

Barbie Ferreira is known for giving self love tips on Instagram and dishing out feminist rants on her Snapchat, @barbienox. Her recent Aerie campaign made headlines for its body positive steps towards representing more relatable women in swimwear advertisements.

Personally, I can totally understand why Ditto chose these women to represent her brand. It's not just about opting for babes who look good in these clothes — since I'm sure any plus size model or woman would — but babes who spread the self love message that Ditto has been trying to instill in us for over a decade.

Images: Courtesy Ezra Petronio/Beth Ditto (4)