How Mary Jo K Compares To The New Red Lip Kit

Get excited: Kylie Jenner has hinted at the release of yet another shade in her range of lipsticks. At first glance, the lip color looks a bit similar to the first red shade Jenner released, but it's actually quite different! So, how does the new Kylie Lip Kit compare to Mary Jo K? Upon second glance you can see that there are notable differences in both tone and color. This shade may just be even better, in my opinion.

The Instagram photo Jenner posted was a snap of her and best friend, plus size model Jordyn Woods, at the Vera Wang New York Fashion Week presentation. Jenner only hints at the shade being a new release in the Lip Kit line, captioning the photo " ... Jordyn may be wearing a new @kyliecosmetics color ;)," but considering her tendency to release new shades on her account, there's a good chance the unnamed color will probably be a part of the next release from Kylie Cosmetics.

When Mary Jo K was first announced, beauty fans were beyond excited by the bright, true red shade, especially when considering most of Jenner's Lip Kits consisted of nude, brown colors. While this new shade my look suspiciously similar, there are actually lots of differences when you compare it to Mary Jo K side-by-side.

Let's take a look at the only snap we have of this new color.

Rather than true red, it's actually more like a coral shade. The color is definitely not as bright as Mary Jo K, which makes it a little more wearable. And considering it looks fabulous on Woods' olive skin tone, there's no doubt plenty of ladies can rock it. Now, let's take a look at Mary Jo K.

While Mary Jo K might be the perfect bright red, not everyone likes such a loud, statement-making lip color. Yes, it's gorgeous, but it's definitely not as universally wearable as this new, mysterious color.

This new shade, whatever it may be called, will appeal to the masses in the sense that it's much more muted, subtle, and thus wearable for every day. That's something Mary Jo K can't really do, since it's brightness and vivid color is much more suitable for special occasions. These two shades definitely stand-out compared to the rest of the colors in the collection.

There is no doubt in my mind this new color will sell out just as fast as the other ones. Jenner's clearly becoming a pro at makeup, and I'm sure Jenner will reveal the differences between the two red shades herself soon enough. After all, they definitely aren't identical — which basically means you just have to have them both!

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