Ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, Here Are All The Broncos and Seahawks Players That Have Been Arrested

Sunday's game hasn't even begun, but Super Bowl XLVIII controversies already abound. Stories about Super Bowl sex trafficking, a battle over marijuana billboards, and extremely sexist ads are just the tip of the iceberg.

While players for the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are being hailed as heroes for making it to MetLife Stadium, multi-million dollars contracts and glory don't necessarily buy common sense or good behavior. It's no secret that NFL players aren't exactly the most well-behaved bunch of people in the world, but the Seattle Seahawks are practically saints compared to the Broncos: While both teams have players with criminal records, the Broncos have the third worst arrest rate in the NFL since 2000, according to the Denver Westword. And during the 2012 season, 21 NFL teams had players charged with domestic violence or assault on their rosters.

This handy arrest database from U-T San Diego has arrest records for all NFL players since 2000, if you're interested in finding out which players on other teams have been booked. Click on to find out all the players on the roster for Sunday's game who have had recent run-ins with the law. And learn from these guys: Never, ever drink and drive.

Von Miller

Team: Denver Broncos

Position: Linebacker

Arrested For: Failure to appear in court on misdemeanor traffic charges

The Broncos linebacker has also been in trouble with the law for allegedly speeding and driving on a suspended license. Miller was suspended for the first six games of the season after violating the NFL’s drug policy.

Image: CBS Denver

Spencer Ware

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Position: Running back

Arrested For: Driving under the influence Ware was arrested only weeks ago in Washington state after being pulled over for allegedly driving under the influence.Image: ESPN

Matt Prater

Team: Denver Broncos

Position: Kicker

Arrested For: Driving under the influence

Prater was arrested in Colorado for not only allegedly driving drunk, but backing his car into a parked vehicle and fleeing the scene. He then fled into a hotel lobby, according to reports.

Image: ESPN

Julius Thomas

Team: Denver Broncos

Position: Tight end

Arrested For: Failing to appear in court

Thomas was originally charged after allegedly failing to stop for an emergency vehicle, but did not appear for his hearing two months later.

Image: The Denver Post

Quinton Carter

Team: Denver Broncos

Position: Safety

Arrested For: Cheating during a craps game. Really.

Carter was arrested on felony charges for allegedly adding money to wagers after the dice had been rolled. The case was eventually dismissed. Carter also faces a charge for failing to complete counseling after pleading guilty to a marijuana possession charge.

Image: Denver Westword

Marshawn Lynch

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Position: Running back

Arrested For: Suspected DUI

Lynch, nicknamed “Beast Mode,” was arrested at an Oakland, Ca., traffic stop in July 2012. More recently, the popular player caused a minor, non-criminal controversy when he refused to speak with reporters. And, just days ahead of the Super Bowl, Lynch found his name back in headlines. This time, however, he’s not responsible for the attention: Back in Seattle, marijuana growers have named a strain of the drug after his nickname. It is, aptly, “extremely strong.”

Image: Bleacher Report

Knowshon Moreno

Team: Denver Broncos

Position: Running back

Arrested For: Driving under the influence; careless driving; failing to have insurance

Moreno was pulled over in his Bentley in 2012 for allegedly driving 70 mph in a 45 mph construction zone. The fact that his license plate read “SAUCED” did not make the situation any better.

Image: Denver Westword