How Your Beauty Routine Is Hurting Your Body

Beauty is pain, they say. It definitely doesn't have to be, but according to science, your beauty routine could be harming your body. You may not notice or even realize it, but some of your habits or routines could be doing serious damage. Here's how.

Choosing the right products for your body is important, but knowing exactly how to use them is even more crucial. Slacking on either could mean you are doing serious harm to your body. Remember when routine tanning beds were an acceptable beauty habit? My point is proven. While UV rays are clearly a terrible idea, there are more secretive and insidious habits that you may not know about.

Products aren't the only culprits, however. How you store them, mix them, and clean them could be a problem, too. You could be using them too much, or too little. You could have a mild allergy that needs to be addressed. Really, developing healthy habits is all about paying close attention to your beauty regimen.

Taking a few extra minutes out of your day to develop a better, safer routine could mean clearer skin, healthier hair and a happier you. Here are seven ways your beauty routine could be harming your health, according to science.

1. You're Using Dirty Brushes

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According to Anisa Telwar-Kaicker, founder and CEO of Anisa International, "65 percent of women who clean their brushes do so to avoid bacteria, breakouts and blemishes. They understand the consequences, but they still don’t clean them as often as beauty experts recommend. We suggest cleaning cosmetic tools a minimum of once a month, but twice a month would be best.”

If you aren't washing your brushes regularly, you could be spreading the build-up of product, skin cells, and bacteria around on your face. Gross.

2. Your Makeup Is Expired

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Expired products can cause infections, breakouts, and some not-so-cute glam. Think about it: An old, bacteria-filled tube of mascara brushing up against your eye is bad news. To determine if your products are expired, take a look and the color, texture, and smell. If something seems off, it definitely is so trash it!

3. You're Allergic To The Ingredients, But Are Using Them Anyway

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According to Celebrity Skincare Expert and Co-Founder of TULA, Dr. Roshini Raj, stinging, burning, itching or redness are signs of an allergy. But less common symptoms, like blackheads, folliculitis (inflamed hair follicles), or darkened skin can also show up if you're allergic to your makeup. Pay close attention to any weird signs, and switch up your routine to see if a certain product is the culprit.

4. You Peel Shellac For Fun

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Chances are, you're already aware that this is a bad idea. "But it's so addicting!" We know, we know. Peeling your own gel manicure off can cause dry, flaking, cracking and otherwise weakened nails. If you can't schedule a gel polish removal appointment, here's how to remove gel polish at home like a pro.

5. You're Using Too Much Product

This is especially true for hair. Too much product can weigh down your strands, causing them to weaken and break. Excessive product can also cause weird things like too much oil production or, arguably worse, a dry and flaking scalp. Stick to the label directions!

6. You Aren't Protecting Your Lips

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Sunburned lips can cause wrinkling, chronic dryness, and even skin cancer. Kylie Jenner would not approve, ladies. Protect your lips and keep them plump and young by always wearing SPF-packed products.

7. You're Over-Applying Makeup

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If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, having makeup constantly on your skin can cause irritation. That's because makeup can contain fragrances, allergens, oils and preservatives that clog your pores. When you can, go barefaced for clear skin.

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