Tips, Positions & Toys For More Female Orgasms

For some reason, the female orgasm is often to the bedroom what unicorns are to the Harry Potter series: elusive, rare, mystical, and slain only by those who “have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.” As modern females, however, we know that this perspective is both outdated and untrue. It’s actually pretty easy for most women to have an orgasm, especially if they take the time to get to know their bodies, and then share that invaluable information with their partners. You'll find that, yes, there actually are certain sex positions that lead to more female orgasms.

This process often starts with masturbation, so let’s get this little issue cleared up right now: There is absolutely nothing wrong with female masturbation. These are your body parts, and therefore it’s acceptable to become acquainted with them in whichever ways please you best. Once you learn them inside and out, you’re way more likely to understand what feels good and what doesn’t, and that’s when sexual pleasure becomes a thing of equality for both men and women. Whether you’re going solo or helping your partner learn a thing or two about lady parts, here’s a list of tips and tricks that lead to more female orgasms, solely compiled for your enjoyment and convenience — because yeah, we deserve it.

Lift Your Legs For A Better Angle

Utimi Leather Leg Straps, $16, Amazon

While all women orgasm differently (and from different areas of stimulation), the G-spot is usually a huge source of pleasure for women. It’s most easily accessed when a woman’s legs are propped upwards and apart so the pelvis is lifted, and that’s why these leather leg straps are potentially the best thing since sliced bread. While they’re marketed for those into BDSM, they’re also ideal for convenient angling during sex, as they’re made out of comfortable, superior-grade leather that won’t irritate skin. They’re adjustable and dependable, and reviewers say they can be used for all kinds of new and exciting positions.

Tag-Team With A Subtle Vibrating Wand

Wand Essentials Purple Pleasure Wand Massager, $14, Amazon

For anyone who enjoys some good vibrations, the Pleasure Wand Massager can be used both on your own or with a partner while tag-teaming or doggy style. It has multiple speeds, so you can pick your pleasure, and even though it’s relatively small and soft, it’s got a surprising amount of power. The non-porous material makes for easy cleaning, and reviewers say it’s both quiet and feels great.

Increase Clitoral Stimulation During Skin-To-Skin Contact

Viamax Warming Cream, $27, Amazon

It’s speculated that 70 percent of women cannot reach orgasm by penetration alone, needing some sort of clitoral stimulation to finish. This is why this Viamax warming cream is a great thing to invest in — it uses herbs like damiana and saw palmetto to intensify orgasms, and a pea-sized application is enough to increase sensitivity by stimulating blood flow and circulation where you need it most. This warming cream works to heighten any position where your partner is directly on top, such as the coital alignment technique.

Vibrate Discreetly Whenever You Need To

Lipstick Vibrator, $12, Amazon

I’m all for people being candid about masturbation, but if you’re not, that’s fine. The adorable and subtle Lipstick Vibrator is perfect for women who want a little sexual discretion, and it’s travel-friendly, too. One intense vibration pattern is enough to give this guy plenty of power, and it can be used for both internal or external stimulation — especially when it comes to adding buzz to a sporadic quickie in any position. It’s also phthalate-free and waterproof, so cleanliness isn’t an issue.

Find The Right Leverage

Liberator Jaz Sex Positioning Pillow, $50, Amazon

Comfort should be a huge factor in the bedroom, and this sex positioning pillow offers relaxation, as well as leverage — even for couples who are otherwise proportionally unaligned. It takes the pain out of sex by creating access to new and pleasurable angles (like when mastering "the bridge" position), and it has a machine-washable microsuede cover and moisture-proof liner to protect the foam inside. It’s firm, discreet, and reviewers say it really helps hit all the right spots.

Stimulate G-Spot & Clitoris Simultaneously

G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator, $20, Amazon

The Rabbit is widely considered one of the best and most satisfying vibrators on the market today. It’s made for simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot, and it has over 36 different combinations of vibrations and rotations. It’s ribbed and textured for pleasure but easy to clean, as it’s 100-percent waterproof. Some reviewers say they’ll never need another vibrator again — or another partner — though I’m sure this one’s just as fun with two. (Try it during doggy style for even more intense G-spot sensation.)

Make Sure Things Slide Right Along

Lulu Personal Lubricant, $18, Amazon

If you’re looking for something to make your toys a little bit more fun, this personal lubricant could be just the thing. The water-based formula, along with the chic and convenient pump-top bottle, means painless fun without the mess. The petrochemical-, glycerin-, and paraben-free formula is slick, but it won't slide all over the place. Best of all, it's free of odor or flavors, so it's safe for sensitive skin.

Get Educated About Your Body's Turn-Ons

Come As You Are , $11, Amazon

In order to know how your body works in a sexual environment, you should probably start with the why. This New York Times best seller about female sexuality is a great gift for your partner and yourself. It uses cutting-edge research to explore female sexuality and explain how stress, mood, trust, and body image are central to a woman’s sex life. It’s widely considered one of the best scientific explanations of a woman’s sex drive, and well worth yours (and anyone’s) time.

Enhance Shower Sex With Waterproof Lubricant

Turn On Silicone Lubricant, $16, Amazon

Water-based sexual exploits can be fun, but sometimes the water washes away the natural lubrication that keeps things comfortable and sensitized. Turn up shower sex positions with this silicone-based lube that won't break down in water, doesn't dry out for mood-killing reapplications, and won't leave sticky residue behind to clean up later. Once you've both finished, easily rinse off with soap and water.

Increase Libido & Energy For Ready-to-Go Sexual Health

Vigorfem Women’s Libido Enhancer, $30, Amazon

If you’re looking for a more intense finish, consider trying this female sexual health supplement. It’s an all-natural formula that claims to increase libido, energy, and the ability to orgasm by providing increased blood flow to more sensitive areas of a woman’s body. Reviewers say that the supplements are tasteless and easy to swallow, and they got the boost they were looking for without any jitters or unwanted side effects.

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