Jennifer Lopez No Makeup Selfie Extra Stunning

Even the most glam diva can dare to bare! Jennifer Lopez's no makeup selfie, posted while doing some cardio and featuring the singer/actor/American Idol judge/mom of twins in her workout gear, was extra stunning. J. Lo does post makeup-free selfies, but it's not, like, super duper often. She isn't Demi Lovato rocking her #NoMakeupMondays. That said, when Lopez ditches product and shows off her bare face, it feels like an event and reminds us how real she is with her fans. Yes, she is naturally breathtaking but this scrubbed-free, mirror selfie was stunning and special for one reason.

And that's because the consummate multi-hyphenate posted the photo in natural light. The sun is pouring through the window behind her. Lopez bathed in sunlight looks and feels so real. It's like we really are experiencing her "as is." Natural sunlight can be harsh, but Lopez didn't avoid it. She let it illuminate her frame.

She's clearly blessed with terrific skin and looks gorgeous even with her famous hair pulled off her face and tossed into a messy ponytail. Yes, she was in the middle of a workout, which is always a situation where makeup isn't really appropriate, fitting, and necessary. But this is the artiest no makeup mirror selfie I think I have ever seen.

Fans were quick to comment on how beautiful the singer is sans makeup because duh. She was an angelic vision, due to being lit from behind. It was probably accidental or maybe Lopez stumbled upon how awesome this sort of shot would look.

Lopez was equally gorgeous in this shot with minimal, if any, makeup. She'll turn 47 in July and she still slays with a youthful glow.

That's Lopez in all her glam diva glory. Another mirror selfie, but a totally different, fierce look. And that's a lot of makeup brushes. Her Las Vegas residency required seriously heavy makeup. No wonder she's letting her skin breathe now.

One more, for contrast.

Lopez certainly lets us into her glamorous and fabulous world via Instagram. But her latest no makeup selfie shows the "real" J. Lo, illuminated by some natural lighting. That's what made it something other than a typical no makeup selfie.

Image: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram (3)